How Do You Feel About Watchtower Enablers???

by minimus 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • willyloman
    Enablers deflect the accusations of bad conduct, placing blame on the victims, and thereby allowing the corrupt system to continue unchecked.

    Nina, you said it all right there. Just a few examples within the borg:

    The 1975 debacle, in which "some" brothers and sisters came up with the date all on their own.

    The current mental health philosophy that goes, If you are having problems it's because YOU aren't doing enough.

    The Dateline and related abuse stories in the media, many of which have been well documented and carry the ring of truth, which are all subject to blanket dismissal as product of Satan's lying media.

  • undercover

    So you're saying that I'm an "enabler" if I don't tell all my relatives and friends what I have learned about the WTS and it not being the one true religion? I am "enabling" these people to continue on a course of false security and false hope when I know better?

    Isn't this the same argument that the WTS uses on the friends to keep them busy in the field service? It is the duty of a JW to go door to door and let them know that this system is ending and people must make a stand for the true God. If the JW does not do this then he is bloodguilty.

    Sorry. I'm busy taking care of myself these days. I don't have time to start a new ministry. I'm glad just to be out of the old one.

  • Euphemism

    *applauds Lady Lee*

  • GentlyFeral


    Chill. You're right -- but I just want to point out there's a difference between walking away from other people's self-inflicted problems and making excuses so they can keep screwing up their own and others' lives.


  • minimus

    My comments are made to help us see that we need to be aware that we can be supporters of those that feel there's nothing wrong with the "truth". The fact is, this religion is not the truth and if we pretend that it really is, we are doing ourselves a disservice as well as others that might be inclined to listen to us.

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