How Do You Feel About Watchtower Enablers???

by minimus 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Enabling has been defined as "taking responsibility for the destructive behavior of other people so that they do not have to deal with the consequences of their own. It is also enabling to pretend that the destructive behavior is not occurring. Such enablers often deny and minimize.".......I think that some might, without recognizing it, do just that for the Watchtower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses......What's your opinion???

  • Hamas

    These people are idiots .

  • blondie

    Can you give me an example, minimus, how someone could do that?


  • cruzanheart

    Just as the wife of an alcoholic can "enable" him to drink by denying there's a problem, covering for his hangovers by saying he's "sick," and making sure the children don't bother Daddy because "he's not feeling well right now," JW enablers make the cry of "it's just imperfect men," "Jehovah will fix it in His due time," "it's up to YOU to forgive," and other nonsensical platitudes like that. Enablers deflect the accusations of bad conduct, placing blame on the victims, and thereby allowing the corrupt system to continue unchecked.


  • minimus

    Sure, Blondie.....A person could KNOW that the WT. is filled with deception, lies, and fallacies, but still pretend that everything's still good. Perhaps they have mixed feelings about their religion or their own life, so they don't want to attack what they KNOW is wrong. They might even shield the Society or the organization as a whole by saying, "Just because there's some child molestation problem in the organization, it doesn't mean that the Governing Body doesn't mean well." or "I know the Watchtower magazine has plenty of mistakes in it but I still like to tell people that there's some good articles about love too."......These types of people do a real disservice to those that are looking for the "truth".

  • Nosferatu

    Minimus, you really should quit attacking the Watchtower Society. I mean, they've made some mistakes in the past, but their hearts are truly set on helping people learn about Jehovah God. It's not their fault they fvvvvd up on the 1914 date. After all, they ARE God's channel. Blame God.

  • minimus

    Nos, good point. You're right. It's not the Watchtower Society's fault or Jehovah's Witnesses. How stupid of me.

  • teenyuck

    I feel like a Scooby Snack....


  • shotgun

    Hi min

    I got into an argument with my mother a while back and told her the organization does not need Gods help or protection they have 6 million people who will do anything to protect Gods organization from itself. That didn't go over well but I've heard time and again where elders tell ones to not to discuss things like child abuse as it would bring reproach on Gods name...what a crock of ........

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Just as addiction is a disease that needs to be treated so too enabling is a disease that needs treatment. Each has learnt that behavior as a way to cope and be accepted.

    Being an enabler is no different than the abused person who stays with the abuser. We recognize that abused people need a lot of counseling to learn new ways of coping and to set themselves free not of just the one abuser but of all the others they may meet and get involved with. Most often a life-time of beliefs and dysfunctional behaviors have to be dealt with. We know women will go back to their abusers several times before they can leave for good. And if they don't get the help they need they will go out and find another abuser.

    What is the problem here Min and Hamas that you can't see this applies to those in the org too?.

    Try reading some books on addictions. The WTS is an addiction. Getting angry and calling them idiots does nothing to help them set themselves free. You too were at one time one of those "idiots"

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