It's official...

by DATA-DOG 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Lieu

    Sure because people under persecution have wifi in their hideouts.😉

  • notjustyet

    I think the Russians can figure out how to block the site and any other site they deem important.


  • Splash
    Smiddy I believe the article showing the computer cord and the shadow of a snake can be found @ WT 2011/8/15 (not the public version)

    Good advice in that WT:
    Do not become an “Internet Eve.” Be critical and suspicious of the information. Before trusting it, ask: (1) Who published this material? What are the author’s credentials? (2) Why was this published? What motivated the writer? Is there any bias? (3) Where did the author get the information? Does he supply sources that can be checked? (4) Is the information current? In the first century, the apostle Paul gave Timothy advice that applies with equal force today. Paul wrote: “Guard what is laid up in trust with you, turning away from the empty speeches that violate what is holy and from the contradictions of the falsely called ‘knowledge.’”

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