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    The Gibbering Buddies are guided by Jeehipity-hop! How can I say this with 100% confidence?

    Well, an emotionally unstable Eldub was talking about "mobile devices." He went on to explain that some feel uncomfortable with these devices, but..... Just like Queen Esther, who did not understand why she had to marry a pagan, we may not understand the push for mobile devices. Even so, we should be getting on board!

    How does this Eldub know he is right? Just look at Russia! Our brothers are losing their litteratrash, but they can use "mobile devices" to study, and have meetings, and preach!

    So if the hammer falls in the USA.......

    DD 😑

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    They said that where I am too, in more uncertain terms, 2 weeks in a row.

    'Soon, these electronic versions of publications is all we'll have, when the persecution starts'.


    I guess Jeehoober will make sure that Homeland Security can't hack the WTBTS network? Everybody knows that "1914" is the password...geeze..


  • stuckinarut2

    Yes...because the "evil persecuting worldly people" could never shut down a website...

    Oh hang on...China....Russia.....

  • Pistoff

    Do the dubbies not get that anything, anything, you do and especially where you have been, can be tracked from a phone, remotely?

    Governments, even local police, can track and eavesdrop on phones.


    I am more and more embarrassed that I stayed in as long as I did.

  • Je.suis.oisif

    Ah DATA-DOG, you always raise a chuckle within me.

  • Magnum

    Just look at Russia! Our brothers are losing their litteratrash, but they can use "mobile devices" to study, and have meetings, and preach!

    Even when I was still in, I never understood why JWs were supposed to be so dependent on JW literature as if it was critical to have and they couldn't survive without it. The org made it seem that if we lost access to the literature, we would suffer or starve spiritually. I guess that was to strengthen the idea that JWs are dependent on the org and to keep them captive.

    The org makes it seem as thought the literature is more important than the Bible. I guess that to them it is because it provides them one of their main ways to keep JWs brainwashed and under control and dependent on it, whereas if JWs just read the Bible, they might begin to lose their dependency on and loyalty to the org.

  • KateWild

    Good thread DD, you make me laugh.

    Kate xx

  • snowbird


    Gibbering Buddies.



  • ToesUp

    Remember the main goal here....$$$$$. It's easier to hit the donate button or set up an auto withdrawal on your IPad or mobile device. They couldn't give a rats a** about the older ones. They want their donations and estates set up to go to WT. They are strategically setting this up for the future. They will eventually become a video feed (TV evangelists). There will be NO need for Kingdumb Halls. No Kingdumb halls equals no donation boxes. Follow the Money!

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