New Kingdom Hall at Flowery Branch, Georgia USA

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  • blondie

    The megachurches do not have just one minister, but many assistant pastors, sort of like the COBOE and the other elders.

    So why does Rankin have his coat off and Mrs. Ranking has a jacket on if the AC is so balanced?

  • darkspilver

    Hi blondie

    So why does Rankin have his coat off and Mrs. Ranking has a jacket on if the AC is so balanced?

    Bingo wings?

  • Darryl

    The description of the small meeting room was a tad inadequate it probably should have gone a little something like this.

    If the friends have something they need to talk to us all wise all knowing elders about they can do it in here in complete confidence. Yes any issue any problem we know exactly how to find the answer in the bible. However the most common use for this room is for our trials. You see when we all knowing elders deem someone a danger to our flock we will banish them and cut off all communications with them. Their own mother and father and other family will not have anything to do with them. That's how we prove that not only are we the fastest growing organization in the world but also the most loving.This is especially hard on those like me who have been in the organization since they were very young. And none of this can take place without a trial the person on trial with sit right there and myself and 2 other elders will cast judgement upon them.

  • steve2

    Fastest growing religion in the world?! Even and its flimsy literature no longer make this claim. Silly woman.

  • sir82

    "It’s the fastest growing religion in the world," Mary Rankin said.

    She's an old-timer. Probably remembering stats from 50 years ago, when the 1975 run-up was just starting, and that statement was closer to the truth.

    There's something extremely sad about that old couple. They were promised that they would literally never grow old. They would never even see middle-age.

    And now here they are, 50 years later, old and decrepit. Mortality stares them in the face.

    And they cling to outdated, probably-never-true-anyway bromides like "fastest growing religion" because it reminds them of the old days,

    It's really sad if you think about it.

  • NewYork44M


  • darkspilver

    Hi NewYork44M


    Oh, Yes!

    And please try to keep up with the chariot at the back there

    It's the new design layout that WT is using:

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