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  • RogueLeader

    Welcome NotAnointed, I'm relatively new here too. Lurked for a week or two before posting.

    Now that I'm out of the JW's... I now have serious doubts even if God exists! I've gone from the 'company man' believing in God and the Bible, living my life according to the Bible and JW standards — to — now doubting the existence of God and wondering what our purpose is to be here.

    But hey... I'm happy you decided to join the forum and post an introduction. WELCOME!!

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "I am saddened that some on this forum have lost their belief in God due to their proir association with this false religion."

    I don't know of any who lost their belief in God due to association with JWs. I think you're very mistaken in your views. It is the lack of evidence for God that caused me to stop believing and not any association with JWs.

  • flipper

    NOTANOINTED- Welcome to the board. None of us are cut out with a cookie cutter telling us we are " religious " or not. Lots of beautiful religious AND non-religious people here who are happy in their lives . No need to feel sad for those who don't believe in God or the Bible- we all respectfully have our own beliefs- and hey guess what ? We are still good, honest people ! Surprise , surprise !

    Lots of various good people here to support you. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • NVR2L8


    Since I left the cult it is much easier for me to believe there's no god than trying to justify why a "loving and all mighty" deity can sit on the sidelines and watch the cruelty and suffering of his creatures without intervening. I got disillusioned in believing that all this suffering did not matter since god would make things right in the resurrection...what about not letting that suffering happen in the first place. It's like a parent who wouldn't save his child from a burning house because he believes god is going to resurrect his kid to a better life.

  • NotAnointed

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I started out 0 for 1 on posting my thoughts clearly. My apologies.

    First and foremost, my intent wasn't to imply that I think the JW religion is factual, or truthful. My reference to never being in 'the truth' was just a lazy way of saying I was never an active member. I don't share any of the same views, and certainly don't believe their organization to be true. Maybe I should have said "da troof" or any other variation common on this site.

    Secondly, I didn't mean to imply that everyone here who doesn't believe in God has done so because of their prior involvement with JW, but I know some have stated directly that losing faith in the (not true) "truth" directly impacted their viewpoint on the existince of God. I used the word "some" intentionally, but maybe people felt my comment was directed at them. I also don't believe that because anyone is an atheist they are inferior, dangerous, a bad person, etc.

    As an non-practicing atheist, I weep into my pillow that you cling to your imaginary invisible friends. I will pray for you.Thanks for the concern, but who or what will you pray to?

    Regarding my children on blood, I will need to be consulted in the event of an emergency and I will accept transfusions on their behalf. They are not baptized yet, and have been told baptism should be considered when you are old enough to marry, move out, and support yourself (adulthood). I doubt they will be in that late.

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