Suicide; and Jehovahs Witnesses

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  • Doubtfulandtorn


    My son suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of a jw “brother” and is in and out of the hospital for suicide attempts as well as drug and alcohol addictions. The man is still a witness and minesterial servant. He moved away before the truth about him came out so they supposedly did an “investigation” yet never even spoke to my son who was dissed at the time. The disgust and hate practically seeps from my pores.

  • zeb

    Re the happy smiley faces..

    I recently had severe words with my wife most uber and told her of this. That for me going to the hall was putting on the happy smiley face (as they all do) while torn up inside with depression. She looked shocked but of course said not a thing.

    not speaking to victim.

    an horrendous tale of woe came out from the victims at the CARC where elders gave any support to the perpetrators. and even at the actual commission the wt representatives including the gb member admitted they had not read victim statements.

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