Suicide; and Jehovahs Witnesses

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  • zeb

    As one who has been personally affected by suicide I read just now of a posting here today the tragic note being "My bridesmaid hanged herself" which we gather she had been shunned..

    Well over the past many months we have seen a library of information, which continues to grow, on the sex abuse saga and most recently the revelations with a myriad of escape clauses a new 'policy' pulled like teeth from the wt on that matter.

    This piece of prose is made available to any jw who requests it so the wt says.

    It is well revealed out of the CARC that the % of abuse in the wt world is higher than outside it.

    This brings me to the matter of suicide..

    What is the % of suicides that occurs where the deceased have been witnesses?

    This would make fuel for a further inquiry to beheld into the wt.. where they say shun shun shun and today are denying they say this.

    I recall an Awake! with a cover scene of parents crying over a child that was going out the front door and with the admonition that they must shun. Anyone recall this particular magazine.?


  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    The April 2014 Awake is on Suicide:

    Here's some of that wisdom:

    According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, “studies have consistently found that the overwhelming majority of people who die by suicide—90% or more—had a mental disorder at the time of their deaths. Often, however, these disorders had not been recognized, diagnosed, or adequately treated”

    Duh. Then the have the nerve to say this:

    "People who care. Your life matters to others—including your family members or friends who may already have expressed concern for you."

    It never occurs to the Watchtower that they themselves are probably one of the greatest causes of suicides (including the slow kind with drugs and alcohol) when they order a family hit job on those that dare to question their authority.

    They offer a simple solution to the problem: All you have to do is accept their lies and keep your mouth shut to have family and friends.

    For some, life is not worth living under that circumstance or without family connections. They take their own life. The stress is too great. Reminds me of the sad tale of the two brothers that took their own life (separately) related at the end of the Leah Lemini show on JW's that was recently aired....heart wrentching. I'm sure their toxic parents weren't even fazed..... probably figured they were better off.

    This is a very dangerous cult, and a real menace to society.

  • Tameria2001

    A few years back I knew a couple of active JWs who committed suicide, and it was a real shock when the news made it way around. The first was in a small town called Gas, Kansas, I don't recall the exact year but it was before I was married, so the very early 1990s. I had briefly met an elder from that congregation when I went to help build their kingdom hall, at the time I was a member of the Kansas Electrical Crew. I don't remember his name anymore. He seemed like a good fellow, good-natured, but then again I really didn't know him other than those four days I was there. Then a short time later, while he was at work, four men broke into his home and beat his wife to death (I had heard it was baseball bats.) By the time he returned home his wife was dead, and the criminals were gone. There were quite a few rumors floating around, including that he was behind her murder. He was eventually cleared of all charges and released. I don't know if he had made it to her funeral or not, but I was told he wasn't able to make it to her funeral. The first opportunity he was able he went out to her grave and by using a gun killed himself.

    The second was someone that my husband knew very well, in Joplin Missouri. He was married and had two young school-age children. He waited till his wife and children left then hung himself in their home. It was his wife who discovered his body. My husband said that he was dealing with depression. My husband also told me that this person's father had also killed himself years before. I got the impression that his father was a JW as well because my husband said that family was something like the fourth generation witnesses.

    When I was 16, I nearly took my own life, because of dealing with years of abuse, it just took me a while to work up the nerve to try it. I didn't like the idea of hurting myself or screwing up and permanently maiming myself so I decided to go the route of overdosing on pills. It was my baby sister who found me, and she alerted our parents. I was rushed to the ER and had my stomach pumped. Afterward, they did a complete workup on my blood to see if there was anything else going on, and there was. To make a long story short, attempting and failing at suicide actually saved my life. They had found that I was totally depleted potassium, and it was a matter of days before that would have killed me.

    I took all this as a learning lesson, and with my knowledge, I actually prevented two suicides because I had recognized from my own pain and the signs they had given off. The first was a friend in school, she was not a JW, but was going through her own issues. And the second was my husband, and that was a very trying time because he wanted to wait until I left to do something before ending his life. There was a couple of times I had to take care of a few errands, but I didn't leave him alone. I had to have someone watch over him, and he was trying his best to get the other person to leave. My husband's issues at the time were temporary, and he sees that now, and he is very grateful that I cared enough and knew what to look out for. A good portion of his problem at the time was his parents, and siblings - all JWs who made him feel like he was a worthless piece of [email protected], and that was before we left the Watchtower. I am fairly sure that if we had stayed in that cult, he would have eventually found a way to end his life. I honestly feel that leaving the JWs saved my husband life, and made him want to enjoy the things that life has to offers, such as his children and me.

  • Finkelstein

    Suicide and the JWS religion are closely related, indirectly from DFing and breaking apart families or a built up of fear and anxiety by the constant propagation of Armageddon just around the corner.

    The amount of people I've known who committed suicide and the JWS organization is shocking and I've been out for 30 years so there are probably a lot more.

    Most of these people were young adults or teens.

  • zeb

    Thankyou for your postings,

    In the "Child Safe guarding Policy of JW in Australia" section 7 says;

    "A victim or his or
    her family may also choose to consult a mental-health professional."

    I think this new policy pulled like teeth out of the Australian Branch office will once it is known be the permission for many jw to seek for the first time professional mental health care. and i see a further hemorrhaging of number out of the wt. and further times of distress as people get help and then have to decide to stay or leave..

  • Giordano

    Here is my take away with these stories. First of all thank god some of you understood how pernicious suicide is. It is no less deadly then any other untreated serious illness.

    Then there is this. With their lack of higher learning and desire to home school the JW's and their Corporate organization the WTBTS is fully and totally ignorant. It started as an ignorant organization and remains so till this day.

    They are so ignorant that the four or five brothers who rewrote the bible had only a high school education though one had two years of college but did not finish his education.

    The ban on blood and their lust for Armageddon.

    You really have to be a tool to accept these teachings. Not a fool as a fool is smarter then a tool.

  • Vidiot
    Sea Breeze - "...It never occurs to the Watchtower that they themselves are probably one of the greatest causes of suicides..."

    Oh, don't kid yourself.

    They know.

    From reliable anecdotal insider reports, Org reps were quietly looking into depression and suicide amongst the rank-and-file back in the 90s (similar to increased reports of child abuse)...

    ....until it all seemed to suddenly stop, and the WTS made the blanket statement that "Jehovah's Witnesses are the happiest people on Earth" (period), and virtually no mention of that kind of problem was made again (that I recall).

    Ten bucks says their investigations had determined that the WT worldview, lifestyle, and rhetoric itself was ultimately a key factor - if not the primary cause of - said depression and suicides.

    Which would have been, of course, unacceptable to them, so they pulled the plug.

  • Finkelstein

    "Jehovah's Witnesses are the happiest people on Earth"

    From the high incidences of mental health issues , depression and suicides

    ...... apparently not.

    Jws are brainwashed to smile as much a possible particularly on occasions where they are in contact with possible candidates for recruiting new members .

    Notice how many JWS are smiling away like they just won the lottery at JWS funerals.

    Behind those smiles they are supporting lies, ignorance and corruption indoctrinated intentionally by the WTS.

  • Tenacious

    About a year before I stopped attending the Circuit Overseer held a brief meeting before field service. The memory is foggy so I don't recall exactly what led up to it but I do know this; he gave everyone there (which as some of you know when he's in town everyone meets for field service at the Hall that first Saturday) a list of WTS publication references dealing with depression to suicide to anxiety attacks. I may even still have those references somewhere. But I remember thinking "yeah, it makes sense with all the crap and hoops members have to go through outside of normal family obligations" (by this time I was already deep into my research and it would be about a year when I would finally leave).

    I'm thinking that during his elder updates the eldies must have told him about a string of friends experiencing these maladies. Who knows if some of them even tried to off themselves but I never heard anything. Then again some eldies can truly keep secrets hence the pedophilia scandal.

    My heart goes out to those of you who've been affected by suicide.

  • Finkelstein

    Then again some eldies can truly keep secrets hence the pedophilia scandal.

    The secret they cant hide is that they are usually poorly educated buffoons who cultivated a perceived semblance of power offered to them by the fraudulent and corrupt JWS religion.

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