greetings- seeking Sacramento/Northern California jws, or exjws

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  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn

    ...hello all, i'm what you'd call a shunned father seeking jws brave enough to talk to me or exjws who might have known my would-be family in the Sacramento valley/Northern California area... my names Andy and i am seeking my twelve tear old daughter *edited*, born in Sacramento 1991... the mother's name is *edited*, she shunned me, then disappeared and married a jw man taking on a new last name which i still cannot find out... she might have had more children with her new hubby since, but i have not been able to find out...

    ...any tips,help or useful suggestions greatly appreciated, thank you.


    Hey there (Andy) John Barleycorn.

    Welcome to the forum. No need to worry, no one is afraid to chat with you here. Shunning is not our specialty.

    Sorry to read about your situation with regards to your long lost daughter.

    I am not anywhere near California, but I certainly hope you are able to link up with someone somewhere who may have a bit of information on her.

    To deny a daughter her father: is tragedy.

    To deny any family member access to another: tragedy.

    I wish you well Andy.

    Stick around, and get acquainted, you may actually get to like it here.

    Best wishes, and good luck!

  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn

    thank you, i'm finding it easier to deal with a tragedy as time passes, but i need all your help in finding my daughter, and what to do if the mother actually tries to keep me away if i find them... i swear i'm not a criminal of any kind, i just need to know the status of my daughter's health!

    ...i need to find out how to track them down legally, would consulting a lawyer help? -i don't have the cash to launch an investigation.

  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn

    wait a minute, is mentioning first names forbidden or something? =please let me know!!!!!!

    ....this would complicate my trying to find my would-be family, and mean that i would have to try some other way of finding out where they are!

    -preparing for disappointment again...

  • Been there
    Been there

    Andy, you may be able to find them thru this sight. They have different ways to find people, changed names etc. I found my long lost father thru them. It costs a little and more for each thing but it is reasonable. I think if you have SS# it is easier too. Give them a try. Hope it helps.

    Been There!

  • berylblue

    John, welcome. I can feel your pain. You will find friends here.

  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn

    ...thanks, all...

    ...i'm already feeling so skeptical, however! - i added my name to their free registry, but will they connect me??- -i don't know if that's going to help a thing... like i said, i don't have the cash to pay them for information that should be mine for all intents and purposes!

    ...i have the feeling now i shouldn't even try to find them might be way too much hassle and they might even treat me like garbage if i did find them

    ...going to go cry again

  • Nosferatu

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Really sad. Andy, don't give up. Trust me, if you give up, it'll hurt you in the long run. Let me tell you a bit of a story...

    The first time my father got married, him and his wife had a daughter. When she was just 4 years old, my dad's first wife ran off with his brother. The last time my dad saw his daughter was in 1987. The last time he talked to her was in 1997 I believe. He was hurt that she wasn't calling him "dad". He's bitter because SHE never calls him. However, my dad never bothers to make contact with her and try to make things better between the two of them. He waits for her to do it when he should be enthusiastic about it. Not many people remember things at age 4.

    Don't give up on your search. It'll pay off in the end.

    ...and welcome to the forum!

  • tinkerbell82

    welcome to the forum andy!

    i live in sacramento, and i believe there are several other posters here from the northern california area. i've been out for about three years now but my parents and siblings are still in...feel free to pm me if you'd like, i'd be happy to try and help.

  • rekless

    andy, you may want to drive to Clearlake, Ca. about 85 miles nw of Sac. there is about four or five cong. in the lake county area. We use to have many people move there to hide> Willits, Lakeport, Clearlake, Ukia, Upper Lake, Wish you the best.

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