Countering claim..."it's only imperfect men.."

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  • greven
    How would you counter the JW response, when faced with major issues (child abuse, autocratic/hypocritical elders, changing doctrines, dates, blood issue, etc etc) ..."Yes but it's only imperfect men ..Jehovah is using them but will put things right in his own time"

    Neomadman has already given a good reply.

    I would like to add the following:

    If they use that excuse then why do they atack the churches for their role in wars, bookburnings, witchhunts, inquisitions, the murder of innocents etc etc? How would they reply when a member of such a faith replied: "yes but those acts were in the past, God has shown us the proper way. Even now it could be that we teach wrong doctrines but God will sort it out in the end." Would a JW accept such an excuse? i think not! then why should we accept it as an excuse when they use the same line of reasoning?


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