My 2016 RC Experience

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  • MMP1980

    I was thinking the same thing! More people at one bigger place will bring in more money for less. Is this the one where they are encouraging the shunning stronger?

  • oldskool
    Well, second question. What the hell is the difference?
  • wannabefree

    Oldskool, I'm not sure there actually is a difference. I think they changed the name a couple years ago when the had the larger combined conventions, then as far as I know went right back to the normal convention size... at least GreenBay is back to what it was. Who knows why they do what they do? It's usual financial or legal.

  • Spiral

    If you use the old lingo they know you're a fader or "apostate".

  • kairos

    Sadly, the conventions are 'for profit' ventures to support the WTBTS.

    They will continue until they no longer make money hosting them.


    Glad you are able to skip the sessions.

  • konceptual99

    I see three reasons for the name change

    1 - no more district overseers so removing the word from theocratease removes any vestige of historical link

    2 - a region can be made as big or small as they like as it has no tie to a specific organisational grouping

    3 - change for change sake. Keep that chariot moving...

  • smiddy

    Jehovah`s Witnesses just like to change things for the sake of change , it gives the impression that Jehovah`s Chariot is moving forward while this old world is going backwards /downhill .

    Obviously , oldskool you haven`t been keeping up with Jehovah`s Chariot these past 100+ years since Jesus was enthroned as king back in 1914 .

    Let me fill you in what he has accomplished these past 102 years of his 1000 year reign.

    Lets see now .........OKayyyyyy , the magazines seem to say he has done a lot , . however it`s not something or anything really different , that Christendoms religions claim that GOD /Jehovah/Jesus , is blessing them.

    Aministration changes and the like , things that are handled by low paid employees etc.

    So in 102 years of Christ Jesus rule since 1914 JW`s can`t show anything that sets them apart from any other religion except for hype.

    If the next 900 year reign of Jesus Christ is anything like the first 100 years , don` t expect a Paradise , he does not seem to be any better than our present day Politicians.who make all promises and don`t deliver,


  • stuckinarut2

    You can perform your own baptism at the water park!


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