Jehovah's Witnesses denial of what they are supposed to believe from Watchtower

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  • smiddy

    The WTB&TS / Jehovahs Witness religion is ashamed of its beginnings under their former name of the IBSA /the International Bible Students Association.

    Why do I claim that you ask ?

    Because they re-write their early history ,falsifying what they published in the days they were IBSA , when they write about their early days now as Jehovahs Witnesses

    Any organization , religious or secular that "doctors" changes facts about its early history with the obvious intent to mislead those that may have an interest in their early beginnings should question why they should do such a thing.

    Why are they ashamed, embarrassed about their early history.?

    Why are they being dishonest about their early history ?

    If they are embarrassed about what they believed back then and published it ,if they are ashamed about what they believed back then and published it,and if they are now re-writing their early history and publishing it ,

    Why would /should we believe anything they say now or in the future ?

    They are obviously liars who cant be trusted with anything they say.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    It's always so frustrating when you have friends and family who are in and try to woo you back with what you KNOW to be deceptive reasoning! It's so jarring when they tell me "that's just your own opinion and you're wrong about that" when I counter them with facts about the society and what it teaches! When I try to produce evidence (eg, older publications, recent publications, audio of the Gov Body, etc) they literally block their ears and close their eyes saying they don't want to know! HOW are these people in ANY position to actively try and recruit members when its to an organization they know SO LITTLE about?!

  • Vidiot

    @ Wake Me Up...

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