Jehovah's Witnesses denial of what they are supposed to believe from Watchtower

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  • HereIgo

    So true! My JW family's famous response to anything that is pointed out as wrong or unchristian - " but that is the arrangement". Arrangement according to who? men? so annoying.

  • NewYork44M
    They're actually embarrassed by their own beliefs, so much so that most will deny or water them down.

    Yup, that described me when I was in the cult. It was only when I committed to understanding what I believed that I was able to grasp the goofiness of the religion.

  • EverApostate

    In a JW world - Lies, Cover up, Gloss over = "Theocratic Warfare"

  • sparrowdown

    WT are the Kings of spin, denial and obfuscation and demand the same from their followers. I see it as part of the indoctrinated mindset and very difficult to reason with, it's like hitting your head on brick wall talking to them.

  • stuckinarut2

    If they are following the guidance of the ALMIGHTY Jehovah, they should be PROUD of their policies (no matter how odd) and shout them from the rooftops!

    If they try and white-wash them, that says something!

  • Vidiot
    jambon - "...They're actually embarrassed by their own beliefs, so much so that most will deny or water them down."


    Know how I know.

    'Cause that was me.

  • Rusty Man
    Rusty Man

    Hey, I just joined. The reason these imperfect control freaks continue is due to a BOE letter Sept 1980, about Apostacy. I have this saved in files, been well hidden for decades n lately hard to find on the Net, maybe the Russia issue made this vanish as proof of divisiveness of The Watchtower policies, but this shows that must be loyal to Watchtower & its yes men & shun any they say are not good associates as you won't qualify is you are not loyal so mixing with these is inappropriate though have found often wrongly disfellowshipped here in my cong, yes I talk to these myself after. If you doubt anything the watchtower prints & unable to be browbeaten back into submission then are classed as an apostate. Also we are told not to associate with any not attending as these one who make imperfection an art form add to what the Watchtower states with their own spin,in Australia anyway. Remember the clergy of "Christendom" are imperfect too. The twist is saying Jehovah says when it is really The Watchtower says, this part I have no issue with, just saying it is Jehovah says is wrong

    BOE Letter September 1980, Apostacy

  • Irishdub
    OP.. But why?

    They can't be seen as extremists..the old theocratic warfare machine, to avoid the CULT label !

    I remember we had to portray our kids having hobbies and played outside as *NORMAL* kids for potential custody cases and sundry ..
  • Chook

    Jw say we don't break up families. They don't break them they smash them beyond repair. They say our sanctions are gods love, to ignore a baptised child's crys for help during those teenage years is how to totally destroy the fabric of a family. To say we don't break families will go down as the legacy that will follow them to their demise.

  • nonjwspouse

    My not yet baptized, born in husband compartmentalizes lots of beliefs. If it doesn't "fit" with what he would like it to be, he then denies it or changes it, claims it isn't so. Other things he will slightly agree with but absolutely refuse to answer the question, why.

    If he is backed into a corner with reality in his face abut a WTBTS belief, he claims he has to study more before he says anything.

    Which really means, he must wash his brain to agree with the WT and find out the "appropriate WT approved answer". ie "make the truth his own"


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