Questions for JW's from Christians

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  • stillin

    2. What to do if the JW says, "I'm glad you're interested in the Bible. Those are great questions. We'll be happy to come back and explain what we believe and why through a Bible study right in your own home. It's free!"

    my answer to this is simply that my interest is mostly casual. If there is a God in Heaven, He wouldn't be expecting me to be responsible for sorting out which Organization is "truly" His own. In other words, I believe that God is compassionate and merciful. He wants us to enjoy life, be kind, be good neighbors. Jumping through hoops is not on the list of things that God would expect of us.

  • aboveusonlysky

    3 questions about JW's damaging teachings.

    1) Lev 11:39,40 Why did the mosaic law have a provision for eating blood?

    2) Mark 2:16 Does Jesus eating with 'sinners' contradict Paul's counsel at 1 Cor 5:11?

    3) Rom 13:1 Would you agree that obedience to the superior authorities must include reporting serious crimes (like child abuse)?

    Then let them do the research.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Questioning on salvation issues is wise. For starters:

    Where does the Bible teach 2 classes of Christians? that the great crowd do not have a heavenly hope, began being called early in the 20th century, are not anointed or Spirit begotten, belong to an organization with headquarters in NY, subject to men appointed in 1919? Do John 10:16 or Rev.7 inform us of any of this?

    BTW Jesus did not say "Gentiles" in John 10:16 because He knew the reaction He would get. Paul's testimony ended with that delightful word.

  • Perry

    That's what Ima thinkin Vanderhoven.

    JW's come to Christians homes preaching a teaching that Christians already believe, dismissing a contract from God to get us there, ignoring the fact that the "great crowd" are wearing white robes signifying their righteous standing by means of the covenant they refuse.

    (Rev. 7:14 - These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood [covenant] of the Lamb.)

    Every Christian on this planet should be able to point out this nonsensicalness.

  • Greybeard

    I agree with Crazyguy. your questions are too complex. Keep it sweet short and simple. Say something like, "May your 1914 generation rest in peace and I pray God goes easy on you poor fooled false prophets who traverse land and sea closing the door to heaven in mens faces." and close the door in there face so they can not reply. This is the only way they will think because all of this is a game. They are programed to beat you at this game. They do not care what you say and they will not read what you write. But you say this and close the door in there face, they won't forget your words and they won't stop thinking about it. They are programed to reply, programed to win debates, don't let them.

    Thats my 2 cents

    My favorite scripture to share with a JW is Isaiah 44:25-26, "I am frustrating the signs of the empty talkers,*

    And I am the One who makes diviners act like fools;+The One confounding the wise menAnd turning their knowledge into foolishness;+26 The One making the word of his servant come trueAnd completely fulfilling the predictions of his messengers;+ NWT

    Now tell them to repeat after you 3 times

    completely fulfilling the predictions of his messengers;

    completely fulfilling the predictions of his messengers;

    completely fulfilling the predictions of his messengers;

    Whats wrong with this picture? Its 2016, breaker breaker, anybody got a copy? They are under a hypnotic spell. Hard to break

  • Perry

    Well said Greybeard!

    About the only door I remember was when a lady pointed out to me that Christians believe in the paradise earth, they just call it the Millennium Reign.

    I walked away wondering why I was out in field service that morning. Looking back, that was the first crack in the edifice for me.

    I will work on simplification. Thanks for the rest in peace line on the 1914 generation. I think I will work that in somehow.


    Greybeard - I likie your tactics. That would be awesome to do and may make them think. I normally engage JWs at my door and nuke them back to the stone age. Ultimately, they leave feeling that I'm a hater and I feel like I won the debate, but nothing has changed. I guess in some ways I am the same as a JW at the door.I think I know better.....weird

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