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    Have not received word about this new worm..........but I've been using Norton's Live updates twice a day for almost a week now since I got The Blaster. We're "clean" now - and have the patch.

    My comp guy said ONE of the primary reasons for these worms/viruses is so that the sender can get your private info. Paypal, paysystems, any password stored in your system. It gets them - then sends them back to the sender. At least - that's what blaster did.

    Got a big virus couple of months ago - had to cancel all credit cards & paypal pronto.

    Agree - some computer geeks just are demented or have too much time on their hands. Others? They're thieves.

    Have received no odd emails in all the email accounts I'm responsible for, however. Famous Last Words, eh?


    edited to add:

    Just got this one on my husband's email:

    FTC's Mail Filter service has detected a potential
    e-mail virus. This suspicious message has been quarantined
    in your Message Center:

    Virus: W32/[email protected] (ED)

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    Btw, my comp guy also said that The Blaster wasn't going to be the Mean Worm. The spinoffs from it would be much nastier.

    Perhaps these are the beginning of that crop?


  • ninecharger

    I refuse to enable viruses by not keeping any email addresses

    on my computer. They are written in a good old fashioned paper diary.

    What if the WTBTS designed something to trawl all our computers for apostate ids?

    Someone is clever enough to do that. After all, there's now software that uses your

    computer without your knowledge for cnet and other purposes.


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    Just got this from Patio (who works for government)


    SoBig Computer Virus

    Hello everyone.

    There is a new strain of one of the most virulent e-mail viruses ever. It is spreading very quickly worldwide Wednesday morning. In fact, it appears that it is the most rapidly spreading virus ever seen ... by far.

    The new virus is called “Sobig.F". It attacks Windows users via e-mail.

    Our firewall is already blocking about 400 infected messages per hour. There is however, an additional component of the virus that is causing a lot of confusion for our email users. SoBig.F also sends “informational” messages that tell the email recipients they’ve been infected by a virus. It is important to understand that no one has been infected, and that this is just another email message, just like any other spam message.


    paranoid waiting

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Thanks for the "headsup" Nathan...

    Frannie B

  • KGB

    My neighbor just told me this mourning that they got hit with the virus but I have not yet received it. Thank Goodness.........

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