The Horror of mom needing blood and almost dont want this!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    My mom was unwell for awhile bruises on her body....doc tells us she has a form of lukiemia. Of course "no blood" she is anointed and stubborn as hell. Her platelets (blood fraction 2% of blood volume) are 4 should be 150!!! I cried sooo much I got dehydrated. I cried at the Mcdonalds i burst into tears at the supermarket, at work etc. She is my mom and dad. 2 months half months i lived with her to heal her crying in private an public, forcing her to eat something. Doc said if we start chemo she may die at 74 years old. We did it. She almost died. Bruises and clots in her mouth tongue limbs etc the horror. Doctors look at me like im a idiot...."You know your mom is close to death..." I AM NOT WITH HER MAN...I KNOW!!! He cant understand. One simple transfusion of platelet fractions could let her live to 100. I am completely spent, tired and wrecked. Yesterday after chemo her platelets were 42. She asked me to pray to Jehovah for thanks. (To please her) I started: "Our dear God Jehovah...." And i just cried...i cried and cried and wept like a boy who lost his mom. She cannot understand she is so brainwashed, the horror....the total horror. I hate this monster, this ORG JW that we made, that destroys lives like ISSI'S. That kills inocent ignorrant people.
  • azor
    I'm so sorry Witness 007. My son has leukemia and alost lost him. A friend of mine is in the hospital with their son right now and is fighting the same battle.
  • Anon2

    So sorry for what you're going through. It has to be the hardest thing ever to watch someone you love slowing dying while refusing life saving treatment.

    Are you up to date on their policies? The reason I ask is because they change SO often. There was a time they didn't allow organ transplants. Now they do. They didn't allow ANY blood that I know of, but now they allow many, if not most of the parts or fractions of blood.

    Found this on a quick search:

    "Also referred to as “thrombocytes”, they are specialized blood cells responsible for stopping bleeding. Like the red cell, they have no nucleus. They are the smallest of the blood components, amounting to far less than 1% of blood volume, yet they remain banned. They are used to treat Thrombocytopenia, side effects of chemotherapy or a low platelet count due to lumbar puncture or bone marrow aspiration. The platelet is banned for Jehovah’s Witnesses but like the red and white cell, everything within it are permitted."

    Would, or could, the Dr. dance to their tune and separate the fractions before giving them to her? You've probably already researched, but if you haven't, I'd dig into the WTS literature and you might find a life saving "loophole".

    My heart goes out to you and you'll be in my thoughts. Hoping some research will convince her that she can take some life saving measures.

  • Anon2
  • KateWild

    So sorry to hear what you're going through. It seems dreadful. My thoughts are with you through this terrible time

    Kate xx

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    My mom even suspects we gave her a SECRET SLY TRANSFUSION!!! She thinks we paid the doc. To give her one....not HAPPY SHE LIVED!!! So aweful.

  • jhine

    This is awful , please take the advice given above and look into the latest policies . Shouldn't there be a co-ordinator or something at the hospital to advise you ?

    Please try to look after yourself , eat and sleep as much as you can. Your Mom needs you , and the WT should not have another victim .


  • JWdaughter
    Im sorry to hear this. Your poor mom! Its hard when your hands are the tied and she is thoroughly deluded.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    No-one would want this, Witness 007. This is terrible news.

    Have you tried telling the medical staff about WT doctrine? That even the 'No Blood' doctrine changes and is subject to the whim of 7 old men?

    Couldn't you try to get this case made into a ward of court (or whatever it's called), and have the Judge say that a transfusion of platelets must be performed?

    Please pursue all avenues.

    You have JWN, where you can event and where other posters can comfort you.

  • Stirred
    So, so, so sorry. Life is precious. I hope she findds joy in still living and the hope from articles approving sme blood....peace to you and your family.

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