Trenton NJ Convention... Some Brief mpressions

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  • konceptual99

    You're right JSE, it is deplorable. JWs really don't see this however. The figures are massaged and spun. They brag about things like 1.9 billions hours being spent in the ministry and 260,000 people coming in over a year but no one actually does the simple maths to works out that means it takes 7300 hours to bring ONE person in - that's over 300 days of 24/7 preaching.

    Put another way - that's over 8.5 YEARS of preaching as a regular pioneer (70hrs a month)

    Put yet another way - that's over 50 YEARS of preaching on a high cong average of 12 hours a month.

    For ONE person.

    However you slice and dice it the preaching work is the most ineffectual effort ever put forth.

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