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  • optimisticskeptic

    I haven't been on here in quite some time so I apologize if I missed a similar thread already (I did look for one :) ) Anyways, just to be clear I think the JW response to COVID in general has been really positive and proactive and they've done really well trying to educate people on COVID, doing Zoom meetings, etc to prevent spread within the congregations. The part that I find interesting is how compliant and non-apocalyptic the branch has been during all of this. Even as someone who's a bit of a skeptic I found myself wondering if this might be the beginning of the end between COVID, economic upheaval, and BLM. As things progressed I don't really feel this way anymore, but it certainly crossed my mind a few times when it began. In very early videos the branch did talk about the possibility of the end coming. But they haven't gone down that path since but rather have emphasized repeatedly about safety, preventing spread, complying with local authorities, etc.

    I mention all of this to get to my main point/question. I find it interesting that the branch has taken so many actions to prevent being targeted as a religion during the crisis. There were certainly some other religions that ignored things in the south and still met and were widely condemned. It seems like if the GB really felt this was the beginning of the end they would ignore governments and circumstances and continue to meet as Babylon the Great turning on false religion is the beginning of the Great Tribulation. So it seems like if the circumstances presented themselves you would basically try to encourage governments turning on religions including JWs as it starts to fulfill prophecies of persecution and what not and could somewhat credibly be painted as the beginning of the events that mark the great tribulation. I think that the GB isn't responding this way is rather telling personally. I think they are way more cautious after falsely predicting the beginning of end times more than once. I also think it reveals that if the end is coming, truly no one knows when and that even the GB aren't willing to hurry things along since they obviously don't know when or if the end is coming. I guess this is also what I would say is the most prominent example of a public contradiction since we're repeatedly told that the end is coming very soon, you never know when, videos of people in basements, get your go bags ready, etc. Granted a lot of this language has been around for years, but it seems to have ticked up over the last few. But then when given the chance to really seize on an opportunity to interpret events as the end and to kind of encourage prophecy fulfillment they instead choose to be very compliant and pragmatic and generally avoid catastrophizing and talking about this being the end even though lots of members certainly feel like it could be. This is certainly the only event in my lifetime that felt like it could genuinely signal the beginning of the end yet the branch has actively not encouraged that line of thinking aside from occasional "this is preparation for the end" kind of talk.

    I don't say any of the above to be overly negative (although I'm sure some on here will commence with the belly aching) I see it as more of a pragmatic validation that it's quite possible the end will never come as predicted and that really no one knows. As a skeptic I find this a little comforting because it means I can fairly confidently continue living without the fear of the end coming tomorrow hanging over my head. I've lived that way for some time now but this is probably the biggest event in my lifetime that makes me feel more confident that I can continue to pursue my professional and secular goals and take care of my family while doing the minimum in the org to keep everyone happy.

  • BoogerMan

    Even tele-evangelists are ramping up the 'rapture' message and raking in the filthy lucre.

    If you see the sign saying, "Welcome to Dover," you know you've arrived at the Channel Crossing.

    Unless you hear that governments are preparing to alleviate the bankruptcy of their economies by "acquiring & redistributing" the wealth & assets of tax-free religions, carry on living your life - and deal with what your elected leaders are doing with your taxes.

    Boris just "donated" over £1.6 billion of tax-payers' cash over 5 years to this "worthy cause" - GAVI. Almost as worthwhile as spending millions to go to Mars. :)

  • dubstepped

    Lol, I'll just leave this here.............


  • Finkelstein

    Being that the WTS/JWorg is a fear mongering religious publishing house that exploits the public's basic belief in the bible, is it any wonder or surprise the GB heads are exploiting this pandemic to its fullest potential ?

    I'm not, not the least !

  • Huxley1979

    I agree. Their response has been very atypical. The idea was floated on here that maybe they want to sell all, or most of the KH's so continuing this lockdown indefinitely would suit them fine. Who knows...

  • nowwhat?

    They can't afford to lose any more members to covid or being stumbled by it. Remember each and every wallet is. Very precious in the GB's eyes!

  • LongHairGal


    So many have left the religion in recent years and the decreased numbers mean less $upport. But, their main contributing demographic are loyal JW seniors who are the most vulnerable in this pandemic! Once these people are gone, that’s it. The religion will never see the like of them again.

    I also think the religion likes Zoom because it wants to sell off more kingdom halls. The religion also had a campaign to ‘reactivate’ some inactives - I assume to replace those lo$t in recent years. But, I’m glad they didn’t contact me.

  • alanv

    What I find sickening is how the org try to portray that what they are saying is theocratic direction from the governing body. It is nothing of the sort. They are simply repeating the message of their government and the World Health organisation. What they should be doing is encouraging everyone to follow the advice of the superior authorities, rather than pretending its all food at the proper time from the Faithful and discreet slave.

  • BluesBrother

    I agree with opening comments of the o/p . I must say that the G B have acted in a proactive way to safeguard the congregation. They lost no time in closing K/Halls and stopping public field service. A new vid on the website says they will not rush to reopen halls even if the Governments say that they could. A Morris 3 implied it could be next year before tbey reopen.

    I do not fail to criticise when it is due, but tbey have handled this well.

  • ThinkerBelle

    I think their response had a lot to do with the fact that they are in NY which was the first U.S. area to be hardest hit. The mumbling of the locals though are intent on putting meaning to all the current events. I think the GB are figuring out that doing things electronically is cost beneficial rather than renting huge facilities for conventions and maintaining expenses for KH. I wouldn't be surprised to see some serious changes in the next 6 months to how worship is done. As unpleasant as times are right now, I will say that as a PIMO, I'm not complaining. It's so easy to sit on the edges now.

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