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  • dothemath

    Were we at the same talk? I guess it's a pretty common theme.

    The brother said we must avoid all worldly association, listing things like company golf tournaments, graduations, school reunions, etc.

    I go occasionally with the wife, but did have to laugh (silently) at all the rules.

    I know of many in the audience who attend those functions, and I always hated to miss golfing with workmates.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    The talk at my hall i dont think mentioned work functions, but it is hard to pay full attention. There are some kids who got into trouble according to rumor from an elders wife. Maybe announcements will follow. They did not mention any realistic way to deal with the lack of marriage partners, just pray and watch a video.

    I am a marginal witness: low hours, watch violent r movies, do not want to reach out. I openly scoff at the go bag scenario saying we will actually be as well off or better relying on neighbors and " worldly" resources.

  • smiddy3

    Why did Jehovah keep company with Satan for thousands of years before war started in heaven and he was cast out .?

    Jehovah did not shun Satan for thousands of years ,Satan could come and go as he pleased in heaven.

    read the book of Job and realise Satan wasn`t cast out of heaven until 1919 / or thereabouts .

    Is heaven such a great place to be if a war can take place their ? If it happened once it can happen again.

    Think about Jesus and his relationship with Satan ,they had a good parley / parley for 40 days on top of a mountain,

    Where Jesus was supposed to have been tempted ? what for fourty days ? Come on how many temptations can you give a person for 40 days ? they must have been having a good old time.

    Oh by the way Jesus never did shun Satan either because Satan was prepared as was Jesus for satan to test him again at another time.

    Also it wasn`t until 1914-19 according to JW`s that Jesus cast him out of heaven , so he also hobnobed with him for thousands of years without shunning Satan

    How long does it take for a Jehovah`s witness to shun a fellow believer ?

  • Spiral

    Well, speaking as a "marginal witness" (at best, at least in the eyes of our relatives who live on the other side of the country) it looks like they are really tightening the screws. I wonder if this talk is going to be given all over. After all, many "marginal" ones are actually PIMO or POMO. If the JWs start talking to them, it would be like a disease that is catching fire. Perhaps it already is.

    Meanwhile, this:

    "Road to nowhere: Don't worry about a lack of suitable marriage partners."

    Don't worry? DON'T WORRY? Nice to say coming from a bunch of old married men. I truly do not understand how the rank and file JW (especially 30-40 somethings who've never been married) can listen to this and not bolt for the door. There's obviously a "lack" (ugh) in the bOrg but it's okay for you just to suffer, because the GB has no solution.

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