JW and Christianity..

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  • Zoewrex

    Just wanted to say WELCOME and stick by your friend. Inquire about these groups and JW does appeal to many simply because of the Bible Studies - but peel that layer back and don't stop until you know all the layers - not just the top. Good Luck

  • Joker10

    Im giving Meg advice to not just listen to one side of the story, but the other too.

  • shotgun

    Ok Joker you got me there........

    That's sound advice but you'll have to admit once your in and baptized its too late to research both sides as only one side will be considered Gods side no matter what the evidence.

  • onacruse

    Meg, I'm glad you came here and are checking things out. I was raised a JW, and over the last 40 years have seen more doctrinal changes than I can possibly count; and that doesn't include all the other changes that were made in the decades before. It would fill volumes.

    I agree, to an extent, that going to the source is usually the best thing. However, that source, in this case, is what they wrote down and can be quoted (and you can get any of that, with refs, from this db). Don't expose yourself to their insidious one-on-one "teaching." If you do, you'll only end up getting their version of the story, and those of us who've been JWs for any period of time can confirm that the average JW has no clue about the real nature of their religion.


    Keep in mind that many who post here are people who don't like JW's.

    True; and there are many more of us here who sincerely love JWs, and only hold a grudge against the deceptive WTS organization that tricks beautiful people with subtle lies and twisted histories.


  • OHappyDay

    And there are some here who are still Witnesses but who are now aware that not all is well with the Society's soul.

    But a sick person is not necessarily sick unto death, unless there is no improvement. No doubt those of us who remain Witnesses see some good in the people, if not in the organization, and hold on for that reason.

    Unfortunately, it seems that the leaders are not aware of their diseased condition, and refuse to be told.

  • logansrun

    I believe it was Jim Penton who stated regarding fundamentalist Christians (conservatives, "born-agains", evangelicals) and JWs : "They're nothing but pups from the same bitch."

    I agree. There are differences for sure, but the similarities far outweigh the differences.


  • pinoy

    I agree with Joker.

    Meg get an accurate picture.

    Don't be too gullible as to believe everything posted here.

  • Gamaliel

    I agree with Joker and pinoy and others.

    Meg get an accurate picture.

    Don't be too gullible as to believe everything posted here.

    If something seems hard to believe ALWAYS ASK FOR EVIDENCE. That's where I've always found the biggest difference, in general, between the JWs and the exJWs. Also, I agree with what Craig said, it seems that you'll find a lot more exJWs who love JWs than vice versa. Gamaliel

  • mizpah


    Like you, I still embrace some of the teachings I learned as a Jehovah's Witness. But these beliefs are not exclusive to JWs. Some of the doctrinal arguments on trinity, soul and hell have been long standing down through the centuries. Sadly, many professed Christians murdered and maimed over these differences. And once they crossed that line, they no longer were practicing Christians.

    I think the Watchtower and other adventist groups were wrong in that they thought they had the "key" to understanding the Bible prophecies which they applied to their own era. Many had preconceived ideas that they tried to fit with those prophecies. And this is the area that they made their greatest mistakes. (The Watchtower seems to continue to do this.)

    Christianity is much more than doctrinal beliefs. It is a way of life. One's personal relationship with God and Christ should supercede any organizational membership. Even though one may feel that the Watchtower is closer to doctrinal truth, one can't dismiss that its actions and conduct belie its claim to be a "Christian organization." Some may feel they can work within it to affect positive changes. Others feel the need to leave it because they feel that it does not represent Jehovah and Christ. Whatever course one decides upon, it is essential to realize that salvation does not come through any religious organization. It comes through Christ.

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