The question of who man/woman actually is...

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    naturally leads to the question of God.

    Why does man need God? Why does man create God?

    I think I belived in God, because I was taught from a young age to believe in him. Now if I want to prove his non-existence I can ridicule the biblical tales, as " scientifically explicable" , and personally I have concluded it is right not to believe in an invisible God. But why was I drawn to Christ? Well he seemed a good, forgiving person, patient, peaceful, gentle, in a world of greedy, cynical, nauseating materialists.

    However in my neighborhood, in my immediate surroundings I have found a lot of Christ like people, those who seem good, forgiving people, patient, gentle people, and these people are not greedy, cynical, nauseating materialists, even if they do drive nice cars and take summer holidays.

    I believe people are not to be hated or despised? Or at least I have known personally very few people I have hated or despised. On the contrary I find most people in company have virtues, .This is the world I have discovered outside the Watchtower.

    Anyway I am sure we all have different views, on the subject, different abstract notions of right and wrong, but my question is what do you think man/ woman actually is?

    The Rebel.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Does anyone really believe that death is only preparation for a new existence?

    Does good and evil really exist?

    Is the soul just vibrations of matter?

    If there is no soul, and life is just a short episode in an eternity of death, then why shouldn't one enjoy oneself without restraint?

    If there is no soul, and no God, is not free-will then meaningless?

    Oh you could go crazy with such questions, it's spring and my mind should be on girls, football and more important things.

    The Rebel.

  • doofdaddy

    Why does man create God?

    Well humans are and have always been terrified of being alone. Imagine that we are the highest intelligence in the Universe....Alone as the pinnacle of evolution.

    Fear is the main emotion and also a dread that we are responsible for our actions in the physical world around us. Better to create "Super Parents", gods and goddesses that take away that personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions (behaviours).

    Freud allegedly said.."Most people don't want freedom because freedom requires responsibility and most people are frightened of responsibility"

    Better to be slaves of christ??

  • Lieu

    Man and woman?

    Well one is a male and the other is a feminine male (ie. female)

    Man, wo-"man"

    Being a slave of Christ is no big deal. He doesn't have a bunch of stupid rules. Hes kinda kewl, imo. You can pretty much do as you please, he's invisible and doesn't bother you. Only asks that you love and do good to others.

    It's men that are the problem. Too many use religion to make you a slave to them.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Thank you for your reply Lieu.

    You say " being a slave to Christ is no big deal, He doesn't have a bunch of stupid rules" Well personally I think being a slave too anybody is a big deal. But I think the important point you are making, is that,with Christ you have a purpose in life? see a purpose in creation? That copulation, free-will, fate - are all part of a master plan?

    If the above assumption is true, then you must believe in other worlds? whilst I am inclined to believe there is only one world with life on, ours, the earth? But it does raise the question, if only atoms and motion exist, can atoms and motion fall in love?

    The Rebel.

  • Lieu

    Why would I believe in the vast universe that there isn't life on some other world?

    Even if you're a bible believer, you believe there are Aliens flying about outer space ... aka Angels. They aren't from Earth and they aren't human. There's supposedly billions or trillions of them. They have to be doing something other than watching Earth; only need so many for that.

    Also, Biblically, how does one "forget" about Noah and family if they're the only humans left? Apparently, your attention is being held by something else, maybe something going on elsewhere in the universe?

    These are just my musings, mind you.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Lieu:- thank you for your musings.

    The Rebel. All musings are appreciated, simply posting our musings on the Internet, means we are no longer slaves to the Watchtower....

    The Rebel.

  • Perry
    Why does man need God?

    Man needs God because, left to himself man serves his fallen flesh, which is a cruel master. God is a wonderful alternative. 

  • JW_Rogue
    My thinking is that humans are arguably the first species to have the intelligence to be painfully aware of the aging process and their own mortality. Knowing that we posses the highest intelligence and a consciousness that feels like it should endure forever, it becomes very hard to accept that we are trapped in a deteriorating prison that will inevitably lead to our demise. Knowing that we are powerless to stop this process we created a higher being that could solve the problem for us. As societies formed it also became a tool to control social behaviors and acquire power.
  • cofty
    left to himself man serves his fallen flesh

    Self-loathing bullshit.

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