Armageddon house?

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Oh yeah...that was a JW thing for sure. JW's who didn't even know each other did and may still do this all over the world. It was part of the world wide unity they were so proud of. From the JW teachings, they all drew the same conclusion that when all the non JW's of the world were wiped out, their reward would be all the spoils left behind. Some were even vengeful about it. When they were rejected at the door, they'd come back and say to the car group. "That's Ok...I'm going to own that house after armageddon."

    It never entered their head that the governing body will probably be in charge of who gets what and I'm sure they'll be charging rent or at the very least, deciding what color you can paint the house they allow you to have. There'll be no room in the new system for individualism.

  • smiddy3

    Unless Jehovah somehow changes the laws of nature in the new system, who is gonna maintain all those Armageddon houses?

    Correct hoser , Will there still be an electricity industry ? with a work force to maintain it ?

    Same with Gas .Will there still be a gas industry ? with a work force and who will maintain it ?

    " " Water / Sewerage ,will there still be people working in these areas to provide them and maintain the systems?

    Jehovah`s Witnesses do not use their thinking abilities or reason on these thoughts they just put it all down to Jehovah will sort it out .

    We were idiots , lets face it.

    Jehovah the Magician

  • zachias

    I heard a young brother come out with such a claim once. Who is going to

    • run it with power
    • gas
    • water
    • sewage
    • and where is your food going to come from?

    He looked slightly stunned as such thoughts had never entered his head.

  • EverApostate

    Many many many times I would hear this in the cutls FS. I wasnt disgusted at that time, as I was in their bandwagon. Now I feel like throwing up.

  • exjwlemming

    Thank you for corroborating my story to my wife. It's true. You can't make this **it up.

  • FedUpJW

    Water / Sewerage ,will there still be people working in these areas to provide them and maintain the systems?

    Won't need anyone to maintain them. Just do what those jews did centuries ago, take your peg outside the camp and take a dump. Then it will magically disappear.

  • Alive!

    Yes. I heard elder told me that pioneers of old would place their songbooks in the mailbox, to reserve their ‘spot’ - I presumed he was joking.

    Another exprsssion has been mentioned here... ‘They’re having their reward in full’ said by contemptuous ‘publishers’.... yes’ heard that many a time.

    Somehow, I managed to overlook all this, as human imperfection on the part of some publishers. Although it really troubled me.

    As one of tte very privileged few who lived in a high wealth suburb with all the usual trappings, I’d often wonder if this was seen as being materialistic? But brothers and sisters seemed to be almost proud of the wealthier amongst us....whilst dismissive of the wealthy who were not JWs.

    I remember on one occasion driving down an inner city street lined with high end restaurants and eateries, it was a summers day and the outdoor tables were full of folk. My pioneer companion laughed, and said ‘look at them all, scoffers in the last days’. I just felt it missed a point. That even though she’d help anyone who needed it, this way of observing these people was unhelpful to keeping in mind that they are humans with needs and hurts...who knows their stories?

    Maybe I was being uber sensitive but her comment made me squirm inside, I hated it. Because at those tables were perhaps some needing comfort from eachother, sharing their stories and lives with friends..not just mindless ‘scoffers’.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We just bought the one we wanted. Couldn't wait any longer on Armageddon.

    Jehovah's Witnesses

  • LongHairGal


    Sadly, in my opinion, many JWs have lost their humanity when they make remarks about non-JW people ‘having their reward in full’ just because they are well-off.

    I felt too many JWs were self-righteous just because they put themselves in the position of pursuing poverty and I felt they are/were jealous of anybody (in or out of the religion) who is materially better off than they are.

    I never concerned myself about the hypocritical attitudes of JWs with regard to wealth and careers. I just knew I had to look out for myself because nobody else there was going to support me!

    I don’t know the present material status of the JW who made the callous remark about people with nice homes..but they are certainly a Baby Boomer over retirement age. They must be horrified if they have to struggle now to make ends meet. I know the husband does food deliveries and he’s over seventy.

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    But brothers and sisters seemed to be almost proud of the wealthier amongst us....whilst dismissive of the wealthy who were not JWs.

    Alive! This was not my experience. Growing up a JW, I observed that the JWs who had the most were often deemed "materialistic" unless they were Elders. Wealthier Elders who gained what they had BEFORE they were JWs were excused from this judgment. This also applied to those who had higher education: if you got it BEFORE you "learned the Truth" then OK. But if wanted to get an education AFTER you became a JW, then you were judged. One elder I grew up with was a college professor. (Not with a big university, but a more modest college, but a professor none-the-less.) He was excused for this because he became a professor before he was a JW. Yet, he actually discouraged me from attending college when I asked him how I should start my own higher educational path saying it was "worldly." Hypocritical much?

    Of course, the term "materialistic" was often thrown around and usually applied to anyone who simply had more than they did and was not prominent in the congregation. They figured, if you were not a pioneer, Elder or at least a Ministerial Servant and you had money, then you were "pursuing worldly things" and that you "loved money more than you loved Jehovah." I actually had one person tell me that about myself. I reminded him that I pioneered as a young person and went to Bethel, but after that I wanted a higher education and to buy a home, get married and raise a family like a normal human being. I told him I paid my dues. But that was not good enough for him, because now I lived in a brand new home that I had built and was not serving in any capacity any longer, so I must be materialistic and did not love Jehovah "enough."

    Regarding "Armageddon houses," yes, I heard this ALL the time as a child. I often wondered how we knew these houses would make it through all the lightning bolts, earthquakes, floods, fires, riots and such that would most certainly happen at Armageddon, but I never questioned it until I got much older. Once I started thinking for myself, I wondered how we JWs would maintain the infrastructure required for such housing: public sewage systems, public electrical, water, gas, roads, etc. Also, why did the publications always show houses were in some sort of tropical paradise, sitting on vast acreage of land and not side by side in a mundane tract housing development?

    The more I thought about it, the more my head hurt.

    Oh, and regarding that guy who deemed me materialistic and not loving Jehovah enough? He was a pioneer who received his money from an inheritance and lived off it. Once the inheritance ran out (by doing stupid things like spending it on a new car and then crashing it without insurance) he left "the Truth."


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