Are Jehovah's Witnesses running a race with no end in sight?

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  • Overrated

    Most JW's I know just go thru the motions. They are worn out and broke and sad to say keep going back for another bowel of shit from the Watchtower.

  • smiddy3

    I`m pretty sure nobody is running anymore ,the goal posts keep shifting ,and the distance keeps getting further and further away from those still in the race , all the while the participants are getting older and older .

  • JWTom

    As you age as a born-in JW you have to embrace two realities. That you are going to die and not realize anything the JW Org has been saying. Or that you cannot figure out any good way to exit JW Org without it being a massive wrecking of your life (assuming that much of your personal life is wrapped up in being a JW).

  • waton

    , no, the finish line is not in sight, because

    The end is "just around the corner" , therefore out of sight, because there is no transparency. unless

    you use a mirror, -----,the wt smoke & mirror. or

    The really funnny wt glasses shown here some years ago. If somebody could find and post, to give us the belly chuckle.

  • waton

    Whew that's thick | Funny glasses, Glasses meme, Square sunglasses women

    (c) pinterest.

    no end in sight! sigh!

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