Newsweek: JW wives in Russia send letter to Putin advisor

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  • Corney

    I think someone on Newsweek staff has some intimate connections to WT/org

    I think it's a duty of the press to inform about such gross human rights violations. Especially when the "Leader of the Free World" likes Putin more than US allies.

    I notice that Newsweek hasn't reported on this story:

    Another ridiculous attempt to whitewash the Russian authorities' actions. They are not fastidious about any means they use against Navalny's movement. First a criminal case under far-fetched charges of "hooliganism motivated by social and political hatred to Putin and local governor", then search in the house of Zolotarevsky's mother, and illegal leaks of personal information to the government-controlled press and bloggers. In fact, the Zolotarevsky is not a Witness (he is probably a former one), and there was no religious literature found at his home. The police officers are the only criinals in this story.

    This tactic is so misleading - women are being used to gain public approval for the org's actions at the same time that women are treated horribly within the org

    What's misleading? Are they wives of prisoners of conscience unlawfully persecuted for their religion? Yes.

    And there is no aim "to gain public approval for the org's actions" - only to defend themselves against the grave human rights violations. So, your comments are misleading, as like your continuous attempts to justify and glorify the Russian state's crimes.

  • MrRoboto

    I feel for anyone in any place that suffers severe injustice.

    Having said that, if JW members in Russia would simply follow the bible and the way 1st century Christians operated then they would be left alone.

    Let me elaborate:

    JWs meet together with banned material and even celebrate their history of smuggling literature.

    1st century Christians did not need more than scripture to practice their faith and even then the bible doesn't mention each of the members having a copy.

    1st century Christians met in homes but just as with the Jews, there is no scriptural mandate to gather for worship, it's just a tradition of men. Some will take exception to this and point out "let us never forsake the gathering...." but this is a superfluous rendering which deserves its own post.

    So in short, of you're a Russian JW, stay home, worship with your family, chuck all the JW literature including the bible and get a commonly accepted translation for that country ( or does the bible say to use JW bible only? Did I miss that verse?)

    lastly, never look back. Now you're on your way to being a real Christian and leaving the persecution behind.

  • zeb

    Once again its up to the plebs. And the gb are writing too are they.?

  • Diogenesister

    Doubtful 1799 that is brilliant. We should mail it to them...particularly Marc Sanderson since no doubt he is aware of this letter!

    Mr Roboto hear hear!

  • sparrowdown

    Great points Mr Roboto!

  • stillMS

    then they would be left alone.

    No way they would be left alone. The reasons for oppressing JWs in Russia are far from pursuing justice or protecting Russian people from a harm the Borg can bring. It's all about creating a terror atmosphere to control/oppress people and not to let them think about $$$$$$$ stolen from them by the authorities.

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