Have you ever come across someone on this site or other exjw site that you knew?

by karter 29 Replies latest jw experiences

  • karter

    2 for me 1 from my old congro in the 80's and another that was in the same circle of friends.


  • ToesUp

    One person. My spouse knew his Elder Dad well. He was just a little kid.

  • AudeSapere

    Yes. A few.

    About 13 years ago someone (outnfree) mentioned my family by name in a thread about KingdomHalls.

    A former bethelite friend found me here because I mentioned his real name in a thread that showed up in Google search. I apologized profusely and had the post removed. (BIG mistake on my part but he says he is not upset.)

    Someone from my old congregation and I posted same info on a thread. A few pm's and we reunited.

    Two years ago a new poster with a username that pretty well identified himself. His ex-wife was daughter of my former PO.

    There is another person who has pm'd me their number because we definitely knew each other in 1978. I have not yet returned that phone call.

    A few people know people that I knew (from former KH's) but I do not remember/recognize those posters.

    I *think* that's all. But could be another that I'm not remembering right now.

    Does anyone know what happened to outnfree??

  • scratchme1010

    Not me, but I know there are people here who know me.

  • KiwiBoy

    Same for me Karter, but then this is a small place and we all appear to have known each other somewhere along the many years of being in the bOrg.

  • karter

    Kiwiboy i think we went to the same assembly in Hamilton.


  • KiwiBoy

    I am sure we will have.......been to a few with Charles G... and others.

  • skin

    No one that I know of. South Is, NZ here. In case there are others from this area.

  • Angharad

    Yes I realized I had been a bridesmaid at a posters wedding a very long time ago. Reconnected through the site years later

  • ShirleyW

    About five or so years ago someone started posting here and mentioned the area she grew up in, turns out my mother studied with her husband and his family when he and I were Junior High School age, after she turned that study over to a brother because his father got interested, my mother started a study with his aunt and grandmother

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