How many of you had the jw double life?

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  • stillajwexelder

    I am the worst of the lot of you - I was leading a double life whilst an elder -- and I sat in judgement on JCs on others I am ashamed to say --my double lifes were Gambling, heavy drinking, strip clubs, APOSTACY --always on Randys site and read COC, Gentile Times etc. Never did fornication/adultery or coke/pot/smoking though . Then would take the WT the following morning -- never mind comment in it!.

  • Nosferatu

    I found the whole double life thing to be quite stressful. I wanted to indulge myself more, but I had the fear of my mother finding out what the hell I was doing.

    As a teenager, it all starts with staying inside the classroom for the national anthem. Then swearing. Then listening to heavy metal & rap music. Then flirting with women. Then dating women. Then getting a blowjob in my bedroom while my mother was out of town. Then drinking with my worldly cousin. Then smoking. Then leaving the organization and moving in with a worldly girlfriend.

    Getting back to the whole National Anthem thing, It felt extremely weird staying in the classroom. I had to make half in and half out because there were other JWs in the school who would have ratted me out. JWs are assigned a special room to sit in when the national anthem is playing.

  • SixofNine

    Uh, Elsewhere? I think being an atheist and a practising JW at the same time qualifies for living a double life.

  • undercover

    I was somewhere in the middle of all these experiences. I tried to hide that I was a JW at school and had my share of worldly friends there, but I never got into smoking or drugs(just a little underage drinking). My parents never knew and the congregation was oblivious. I avoided other dub kids at school like the plague.

    Later in life, being a reserved individual had it's benefits. Most at the hall considered me exemplary while only my closest friends(who were as bad or worse) knew how much fun I could really have. Unfortunately I led a pretty dull sexual life. There were a few intimate occasions but never a regular thing. Things heated up after marriage. What is it about a man being married that makes women more bold about hitting on them?

    I guess if I had told on myself everytime I should have, there would have been several JC meetings on my behalf, but I knew better than to blab my secrets to anyone that could inform the elders.

    Up until my big fade, I was considered a good example of a MS and regular publisher. What most didn't know, but I did, was that out of all the MS's that I knew, 95% were not meeting the standards of being an MS, let alone a publisher in good standing.

    My observation has been that if someone seems to be a really good example to the congregation, their bad behavior just hasn't been found out yet.

  • Mecurious?

    Nope, No double life here. Does oral sex count?


  • stillajwexelder

    In theory oral sex does count -- was doing that with my wife - forgot about that

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I don't know if I consider my life as a double life,

    I always looked forward to going out with my friends and doing whatever, with female friends as well. All non-jws, they didn't care about religion or Armageddon, just living and enjoying each other's company, Jw's just can't understand this, people on the outside are not that bad !!!!, like the Watchtower portrays.

    I always hated the Watchtower from a very young age, never believed in all the bs and hypocrisy.

    I never got baptized, never had any intention to, I think I gave up on it all completely during my high school years, I took alot of verbal abuse and felt abandoned by God, family and the congregation. And saw so many double standards with so many people, and that fakeness in their speech and the way they talked to you.

    So, yeah I did alot in my teenage years/ early twenties, never felt guilty, never cared if I was found out, never really fit in to the JW life at the hall, just at the time 17-19 yeard old, had no way of supporting myself, got a job in a bar at 19, making ridiculous money, and was gone not long after, I hurt my parents, but they hurt me 10 x worse. Today, they still don't get it.

  • Elsewhere


    I lived a living hell forcing myself to suppress my true thoughts... self-imposed thought control at its worst. I literally forced myself to believe. I eventually got to a point where I could no longer contain my thoughts and questions... the dam cracked... then broke. My DA was soon to follow.

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    I was a goodie, nerdy JW a very harsh judge of myself and others so my teens/early 20s was the dub life 24/7. Years of repressing every natural desire. The only thing I did that I felt really guilty about at the time was seeing rated R movies in the theatre while pioneering. I was always looking over my shoulder, worried about who would see me. It wasn't until I started facing my doubts that I started to have fun! No home runs but I went to 2nd or 3rd base with a couple of 'brothers' while still active and that was a blast! - Victorian Sky

  • garybuss

    The reason JWs are so against premarital sex is they are afraid it will lead to smoking.

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