Who Do You Think The Next President of the USA Will Be???

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  • Yerusalyim

    God Forbid Hillary Clinton become President...she would ruin this country...We'd look worse than California.

    George will be elected next. General Clark is setting himself up for the 2008 election...the Republicans will have to come up with a viable candidate against him.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    People don't know how really radical Hillary is. She hung out with some very bad people when she was in university.

  • jelly

    If unemployment is under 8% Bush will win in a landslide. If unemployemnt is as high as 10% Bush still could possibly win, depending on the Democrat running. The only real Democratic threat to Bush is Liebermen (sp?), he is a moderate, and has foriegn policy credibility; plus people might vote for him just to piss off the islamonazis, and jew-hating euros. Unfortunatly I dont think the democratic party is capable of nominating him. If the dems nominate dean it will look like the 1988 election, and the democratic parties rush towards irrealivance will be accelerated.


  • qwerty

    I had a dream last night that Ronald Reagan would be voted back in!

    Weird dream!

  • Mary

    Hey, she knows her way around the Oral Office.

  • proplog2

    There won't be another presidential election. There might be an emergency extension of Bush's term though.

  • freedom96

    George Bush will be our next President.

    God help us if Hilary ever gets elected.

  • Swan

    Whoever does the best job of buying it, of course.


  • logansrun


    The Libertarians, Greens or any other third party will never win any important election -- at least not for many, many years. The reason for this is that the US will always be a two-party state -- for reasons embedded right in the constitution*. Unless we are talking about a low-level election such as county chief librarian or something, any vote other than democrat or republican will be a vote totally wasted.

    * Here's the simplified reason as to why this is so (working from memory)...it's the electoral process. To be elected president you need over 50% of the vote. Let's say that there are three major candidates from the democrats, republicans and libertarians and the tally amounts to 35%, 20% and 45%. None of these candidates would have the necessary 51% so the general election would be completely nullified and the electoral process would go to Congress. The democratic process would be consigned to the opinions of a chosen few and we would essentially be living in an oligarchy. This is one important reason why we will always have a two-party system in America. Now, it is possible that a third party will eventually unseat one of the two major parties and we could end up choosing between, say, the democrats and greens. All the same, I wouldn't count on this happening anytime soon. Whether we like it or not, if we want our vote to matter we must choose between the democrats or the GOP.


  • marsal

    Most likely, it will be George W. Bush (unfortunely).

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