Evolution is a Fact #2 - DNA Functional Redundancy

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  • OneEyedJoe
    Thanks cofty. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't making things up, and it seemed my google-fu was off last night.
  • SecretSlaveClass

    Deepak Chopra is the "Jesus" of the disciples of "bullshit baffles brains". I watched him in a debate where he made the mistake of trying to opine his idea on the relationship of meta physics quantum physics with his gibberish and a physicist in the audience during the questions session destroyed him, confirming he is the fool and charlatan that everyone suspected him of being. A complete bullshit pseudo intellectual.

    Thanks for Part 2 Cofty. I am a long way off from getting around to this level research but looking forward to getting there.

  • ILoveTTATT2
    The 4 letters are:

    Position 56
    Chimp: T

    Position 110
    Human: T
    Chimp: C

    Position 140:
    Human: C
    Chimp: T

    Position 246:
    Human: C
    Chimp: A

    This link has a software and files that allow the viewing of the sequence:


  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Okay is a human more closely related to a cat or a dog? - slimboyfat

    Cats and dogs share a common ancestor from around 65 million years ago whereas the common ancestor that links us to them is much further back. Therefore they are equally related to us.

    It is worth understanding that when our lines diverged there were no cats, dogs or humans. Our common ancestor looked nothing like a cat, dog or human. Similarly when the cat and dog ancestor diverged it was not yet a cat or dog as we would recognise such.

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