JW.org marks International Women's Day 2019

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  • smiddy3

    Maybe the writing department haven`t been keeping up with Jehovah`s chariot blondie and still think the Borg is a member of the UN as an NGO and a DPI

    And Judges ch.4 leaves no stone unturned that Deborah was not only a prophetess but also a Judge over Israel and she gave orders to Barak and in vs.9b it says : "for it will be into the hand of a woman that Jehovah will sell Sisera."

    I too would appreciate confirmation of both times the WT/JW`s have published these articles this year and last year .

    Anybody ?

  • zeb

    OK there are also;

    • sarah
    • 5 daughters of zelophehad
    • ruth
    • priscilla
    • maty magdalene
    • hannah
    • samaritan woman by the well
    • mary of bethany
    • esther
    • jehosheba
    • deborah
    • miriam
    • achsah
    • 4 daughters of phillip, and
    • mary mother of jesus.
    • Just thought I would add those in.
  • dozy

    That will be the JW women who aren't permitted to hold a microphone , work in parking services at conventions ( in case they actually tell a male where to go ) , are allowed to be "helpers" but not attendants and are not even allowed to bind an elders book ( though having "worldy" people binding them is OK , thanks ).

    The Society even "considerately" ( their description of their own action" ) changed the title and lyrics of the song "Guard Your Heart" to "We Guard our Hearts" lest sisters be seen as instructing others.


    Yet they are allowed to drive trucks , cranes and do other non-supervisory work at Bethel building projects , making the Society "champions of women in construction". Go figure.....


  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Smiddy, your question was almost answered by Dozy. The subject he refers to at the end was last year's article:

    "A Place For Women In Construction"

    (cringey title)


    It says they have provided a

    "workplace where everyone is respected, treated fairly, encouraged and supported".

    It mentions "a crew leader named Eric", "Carl who leads several crews" and "crew leader Fergus", failing to note that women aren't allowed to be crew chiefs. One of them also makes a sexist remark as if women are somehow inherently more able to notice if something is wrong and report it. Another says that he'd rather have women operating the machines than men. The article ends with the declaration:

    “There is definitely a place for women in construction!”
  • tiki

    The hypocrisy rages on....

  • redvip2000
    and are not even allowed to bind an elders book ( though having "worldy" people binding them is OK , thanks ).

    Hmm wondering if they have a problem with worldly women doing it, or if this prohibition is limited to JW women. If it's only about JW women then this is an even bigger slap in the face.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    The org doesn’t do anything by coincidence. I too think that blondie is on to something.

  • Onacruise2NephewBoogaloo

    Odd they didn’t reference the wives of Noah or his sons.

    One would certainly think that being 1/2 of the crew that built and successfully sailed the largest wooden structure in the history of the world might be worth a mention?

    Or perhaps managing every species of animal on earth AT SEA aboard a floating zoo for a year? Who do you think handled feeding all those beasts or gathering the many tons of animal shit and dumping it all out that ONE window every day?

    Oh, just some broads...

    Let’s see, there was the wife of that one drunk guy who also liked to get naked? What was her name? Oh yeah! Noah’s wife, then there was also Ham’s wife....

    Well at least they weren’t like the bad examples of women in the Bible...

    You know, like that materialistic wife of Lot, the boozehound, or his super-horny daughters?

    Job’s wife was a real ball-buster. I should say his first wife was - not the second one, although they both had the same name (“Job’s wife”)

    Is it weird that for as much as JW’s like bible names, you never hear of a Dub naming their daughter ‘Noah’s Wife’?

    The Bible has many positive lessons that have held up throughout history, but treating women with the dignity, respect and honor they deserve sure ain’t one of them.



    What about the daughters of Lot? Surely their example of ingenuity and hard work is worthy of imitation.


  • zboubiz

    Sorry if I'm dumb but why do you think it's linked to the women's day celebration ?

    Women's day is the 8th of March and this article is dated "2019-05-06".

    Is there something I'm missing ?

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