50 years ago today

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  • frozen2018

    Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong landed on the moon and fulfilled JFK's ambitious goal. I've watched some of the programming about the event. I think the best was on PBS's "The American Experience." Parts of it gave me goosebumps.

    I'm not sure if I have any actual memories of the day. I don't know where I was at or if I actually saw it on TV. I was 7 years old so I'd think I would remember something about the day. Does anyone on the board remember the event? What were JW's saying about it? Did they tie it into some whacky end-time prediction?

    Here are a couple videos. This one is a short animation from Google's home page narrated by Mike Collins who was the third astronaut. He stayed in orbit:


    This one is the actual decent. I found it nerve wracking (kind of silly given how I know how it turns out) with all the chatter about alarms and running out of fuel. It's about 20 minutes long:


  • ShirleyW

    The thing that I "think" I remember (I'm officially in the 60 plus range) is that when the actual moonwalk happened wasn't it on a Sunday evening? Just one comment I've ready today (among many) put that into doubt and I"m not just talking here on this site. But, I thought the actual moonwalk where Cronkite had to just sit back and take a breath because he was actually gobsmacked, was on a Sunday night in the evening because one comment (among many) that has me confused well, this particular one who is an active contributor to the NY Daily News is, he said he was at work at a Dept, Store and watched it on a TV in store, in NYC the store that he mentioned was not opened on Sunday, young folks we're talking 1969, and I am quite familiar with shopping area and store he mentioned in the paper today growing up in Jamaica, Queens. Other folks have mentioned they were in school or something, but we're all getting old by the minute but I thought the actual first moonwalk was on a Sunday night in mid to late evening EST.

  • frozen2018

    Not at all off topic. I remember watching lunar landing news during school. Everyone assembled in the gym. That can't be an Apollo 11 memory as school was not in session during July.

  • frozen2018

    I looked it up, Shirley, and you are correct. Sunday July 20, 1969 at 10:56 PM EST, Armstrong stepped on the moon. That may explain why I have no distinct memory of it. I was probably in bed.

  • ShirleyW

    I knew it !!. I knew I remember me and my mom watching on a Sunday night, and of course the Uber Dub made the comments of "how do we know it's the moon" how do we for sure know where he is" ? Have to say many folks who aren't Dubs have said the same thing, but once you have that cult mentality Lord knows what your brain will come up with. But thanks Frozen, I knew it was on a Sunday night evening EST and I definitely remember Cronkite just sitting back in his chair like he just couldn't believe it, I just graduated 6th grade and was headed to Junior HIgh School in September, I was eleven years old, so the brain was in FULL effect back then, not like it is now !!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    frozen I remember it well. I was 15 years old, we just left the hell hole international convention in Atlanta. My Dad drove are family down to Clearwater beach for vacation. We watch it in a hotel room on a color tv. My Dad keep saying God will not let man land on the moon. After they did he never said another word about it. It was the greatest show on earth and the moon. My wife and I watch the 3 part series on PBS the other day about the moon landing. Can't believe it has been 50 years. What happen to the big A? Lol. Still Totally ADD PS. I remember the Wt. Saying how wrong it was to name this space program Apollo because it was a false god.

  • smiddy3

    I remember it clearly.It was a monday 21st of july in Melbourne Australia, AEST and I was working at Kodak as a Lab.Technician.

    And we all watched it in our building on TV when it was about 12:56 pm ( I looked that up ) when Neil Armstrong took that first step on the Moon

    I was 30 years old at the time.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I took the family to NASA today near Houston. Was packed as all get out. Got to see the new Orion Mission Control room that will guide missions to the moon starting in a couple years as well as missions to mars withing 20 years. The latest modules were in the the training facility and looked more modern.

  • Balaamsass2

    Sunday, July 20, 1969, at 7:56 PM PST. I remember it well.

    I was stuck at my grandmother's that day after the meeting and she only had a 19" Black and White TV with rabbit ears and aluminum foil.

    I was glued, but Grandma would not stop talking she was so upset! She was sure it was going to trigger ARMAGEDDON!

    #1. Apollo was a demonic god. #2. Like the tower of Babbel Jehovah would certainly confuse them to thwart their reaching to the heavens!!! #3. The Bible prophesized there would be signs in heaven and blood on the moon!!!

    She got so upset mom thought Grandma would have a stroke, so mom turned the channel (probably to Lawerence Welk)....and I missed an hour of it until I could get home. I will never forget missing THE MOON LANDING. That was HUGE for me!!

    PS. They didn't die and Armageddon didn't come. Grandma and mom both died before they could pet Lyons or picnic in the Alps with the fruit lady.

    (I was quite the amateur astronomer as a kid. I had a little 50mm refractor scope and snuck over to the City Recreation center to take a class on telescope making by John Dobson of the San Francisco sidewalk astronomers (he was a "worldly" hippie & catholic seminarian).

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Shit! I was not even born then. Its nice to read comments from all who saw it one way or another.

    There is so much I have missed. Why could I have not missed getting caught in this cult!!!!

    Thanks all for sharing .


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