Unbelievable KMS example

by Saltheart Foamfollower 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • JakeM2012

    I'm sure the mail room in Bethel has a cow when a Victoria's Secret or Frederick's "Brochure" comes in the mail. Wink, Wink

    Yes, damn those compression stocking ads on the side of my browser.

  • scratchme1010
    ...to view Jehovah as being beside you...

    ...and your dick between your legs, idiots.

  • ttdtt

    OMG !!! I was just innocently reading these posts - and as I scrolled down there was a picture of a girl in a bikini!!

    I let Satan in my heart (by not throwing my computer out the window and saying a prayer) and immediately started masturbating, then I turned gay, then I left my family, then I turned to drugs, then I became a full-time male prostitute.

    Everything the WT said came true.

    Thank you Gisele Bundchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stuckinarut2

    ttdtt!! Love it!

    Yes, you have become everything the Society said!

  • NVR2L8

    Stillin...I was thinking the exact same thing...I suspect my wife may be browsing to find ways to spice up our sex life...lol

  • JaniceA

    I keep getting the little blue pill ads in my email box and I am a middle aged lady with no interest in blue pills. I am the only one with access to my computer, so its a mystery to me!

  • ttdtt

    Thanks Stuck:)

  • ttdtt

    Once at the CO meeting with the Elders, the CO gave an example and asked us how to handle.

    It went like this:
    What if you were away for business and you were in your hotel and turned on the TV and a Porn movie was playing. What would you do?

    (funny I guess the WT doesn't know that that doesn't happen, that you have to PAY for movies especially PORN if the hotel even offers that, which many don't anymore.)

    One brother said he would run out of his room, find a quiet place outside, and pray to Dog for help.

    The CO suggested that you should just RIP the cord out of the TV, cuz that's why hotels have maintenance people. (Yes he promoted vandalism)

    The whole time I was just sitting there in the back with my mouth open unbelieving of the entire situation.

  • punkofnice
    a brother is shopping online and suddenly images appear along the side. Not actually pornographic but revealing.

    Where? I must be shopping in the wrong place.

    WBT$ BS rides again.

  • sir82

    I let Satan in my heart (by not throwing my computer out the window and saying a prayer)

    Wasn't there a demo at a circuit assembly (or even a district convention) where they showed something like this?

    Brother Dweeb was sitting at a table with his laptop when, based on his "play by play monologue" in which we hear his "thoughts", a provocative image pops up?

    And he proceeds to slam down the lid of the laptop, or yank the plug out of the wall, or something, while saying something like "Oh Jehovah! Where did that image come from?"

    When he described the "provocative image" coming up on his PC, he jumped up like he had a tribe of fire ants in his derriere. Couldn't slam the laptop shut fast enough.

    Sheesh - the stuff they use that they think is "realistic".

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