I Don't Care If It Is A Cult ???

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  • Giordano
    Lisa Rose I really like that last question........ get them talking about what their life might have been like if they were never JWs.

    There's no harm in a 'what if' question and it might let their inner person out for a little while.

  • Vidiot

    LisaRose - "The direct challenge to the faith of a JW is seldom effective."

    Whenever I find myself in any kind of debate wherein I absolutely know the other party is not only wrong, but stupidly wrong, I always phrase my side of the debate using questions that, if the other party keeps insisting on pressing the issue, exposes their stance for the ridiculous, implausible, or (most importantly) unconscionable position that it is.


    Statement: "Even if it's a cult, it's still the best way to live!"

    Possible responses:

    "...Having to constantly supress one's own interests, aptitudes, and passions for the hope of a future utopia is... 'the best way to live'?"

    "...Living in quiet fear of being ostracized by everyone you know if they ever found out you don't think precisely the way you're required to think is... 'the best way to live'?"

    "...Waiting with bated breath (or in constant trepidation) for an extinction-level-event to wipe out over 95% of the human race is... 'the best way to live'?"

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