i really hate all these "what if" posts

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    What if..

    Bunnys Had Wings,Magic Wands......And......Lived in Taco Tree`s?..

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  • Hairtrigger

    "What if", is iffy

    Some on hearing it

    Get quite stiffy

    Others ignore it

    and pass it in a jiffy

    Still others are annoyed

    And get off Lippy

    A few grab their hair

    And get all rippy

    Some somersault

    And go all flippy

    I tell ya

    n I'm not being iffy

    If yu come across "what if", again

    Close your eyes


    Shout "I've closed ya out"


    "You're out in the cold now

    Hope ya freeze to death"

    P.S: Yu know yu are talking to words now? Go see a shrink! You've just gone


  • steve2

    As my great uncle Pelican used to say, "If you don't like something, stop cussing and spending time on it."

    The sorts of posts you mention - What If's - are dead easy to spot. Don't click on them. Simple. Each to their own.

    You could also acknowledge that people do find them very interesting and enlivening. For example, I looked back on one of the earliest "What If" posts on this forum from several years ago. It speculated about the changes the organization could introduce. Amazingly, many of them turned out to be accurate.

  • DJS

    Nowwhat? is correct.

    But so are Viv, schnell, doc, scratchme, blondie and just about everyone else. This site advertises support for those exiting the cult. Sometimes that support should, no must, come in the form of a wake up call. That is what Nowwhat? has done.

    Someone who routinely posts 'what if' OPs is suggestive of an emotionally stunted or immature person. We of course know that. All of us. It was 'normal' for us to play what if when we were children. Adulthood and being able to successfully assimilate in the world around us requires a good grasp on reality.

    Constantly posting what ifs also strongly suggests our dear former brothers and sisters are stuck in neutral and are not advancing beyond the post-dub malaise that can affect just about all of us.

    It is part of our responsibility, IMHO, to point these things out - as Nowwhat? has done- so that those stuck in neutral and in need of self reflection and yes, more emotional intelligence can move forward.

    Nowwhat? has done these a service, and I thank him. He also did it in a kind, gentle manner - unlike that other poster (I won't tell you his name but his initials are DJS) who has been known to bitch slap people into reality.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    There are new people arriving here all the time who need to have these conversations. If you're not interested in covering what is old ground to you then just ignore the post.

  • DJS

    Yes, most of us do ignore them, and as far as I know this is the first OP on this topic.

    Whatnow? saw an opportunity to assist, whether he knew he was doing so or not. His post will likely accomplish 1000 times more than all of the enablers, molly coddlers, blame shifters and victim marinaders will ever accomplish in helping newbies and those not so newbie.

    I believe the vast, vast majority treat noobs with kindness, understanding and patience. But too often too many infantalize posters. Not everyone telling you sweet things is your friend, and not everyone telling you things that hurt your feelings is your enemy. Sometimes it's exactly opposite.

  • sparrowdown

    Yeah, it seems to be the same what ifs aswell like on a continuous feedback loop of stupid - so de ja yawn.

    I got into the hypotheticals when my brain was still asking "why, why why oh GB have you forsaken me?"

    So, in other words when you are still emotionally invested the "what ifs" serve a purpose in helping you process what has happened to you but there comes a time when all you want is the facts and I think that's a good sign you're healing.

  • DJS

    Ditto Sparrow. I think we all know the 'whys' and 'what ifs' are part of the healing process for some. As for me, the only whys and what ifs I asked myself were how could I be so blind, stupid, and gullible. It never occurred to me to play what if and why with either the DarkLords or the DarkTower. Geesh, there are many more vile, evil, effed up cults than they.

    And like Scarlet, after I figured out why, I said never again. But I didn't waste precious time lamenting the time I wasted with this nasty, brain killing, ambition robbing, conscience stealing, death dealing cult.

    Those who get stuck in the 'whys' and 'what if's' need a jolt back to reality, self reflection and, as Jean Luc used to say, Engage No. 1. Warp Factor 4. Whatnow?'s OP is that jolt.

    Now if we can get the molly coddlers, enablers, blame shifters, excuse makers, infantalizers and victim makers . . . .

  • sparrowdown

    WT sucks, cult-life's a bitch and then you die. It is what it is.

    I would love to see WT crash and burn but we're burning daylight here people, it's time to open your mind, expand your horizons, do stuff, meet new people and choose to live!

  • stillin

    What if research scientists never said "what if?"

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