Body of Elders Leadership

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  • bola

    Who has more power in the body of elders in Watchtower. Is it the CBOE, Secretary, Service Overseer or who? I am just wondering since in my congo there seems to be cowards among them.

  • luckynedpepper

    There is not supposed to be any power difference. It has been emphasized, after the name change from Presiding Overseer to Coordinator, that the CoBE is simply the chairman for the body.

    We know that's not true however. Often too, the men who want to be CoBE have a little cult of personality about them, are ambitious. The CO must also approve the CoBE- this always smacked me of ensuring an appropriately deferential man is CoBE.

  • JWTom

    In my experience the COBE and Secretary run the show in most congregations. While they are all supposed to be equal the reality is that the COBE and Secretary have to be willing to do a great deal of work and thus get enhanced influence and respect as a result.

  • slimboyfat

    I agree with the observations above.

    A related point: I have been wondering about the technological impact on the role of secretary. At one time the secretary was responsible for relaying correspondence to and from the body of elders, and I recall some discussion about instances where this position was used to intercept communications that the secretary didn’t wish to convey in either direction for whatever reason. But as I understand it this is no longer possible because all elders receive the same correspondence at the same time through their JW dot org login. So the secretary no longer has any privileged access and his role is much diminished.

    Is that true? I am only surmising from what I’ve read and heard, and have no direct experience as an elder at any time!

  • Fisherman

    The question is wrong. The COBE has the final say and authority although a senior respected elder that may not even be in the service committee may be the most powerful because of his wisdom and experience and other reasons could influence or guide the other elders when needed. So, although the cobe officially has the final say, another influential brother could be the most powerful.

  • asp59

    Elders body is made of clicks base on age, race, money and taste. Usually the one most dominant has the last word. Congregations are small version of society.

  • Drearyweather

    The most powerful elder in any body is the one who is the wealthiest and the most educated

  • Gorb

    My father was a long time secretary and with that he had a lot of power to influance the COBE.

    The COBE was the face, the secretsry the brains.


  • waton

    the third fiddle in the trio is the field service overseer. the commissar herding the sheep into combat.

    feel sorry for them.

  • punkofnice

    The biggest bully.

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