Grunts. Medical maggots and stench soup: Who me? The perfect, most excellent idea for this summer's Regional Conventions. Thanks, NPR!

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  • oppostate

    So I was listening to this NPR piece entitled "From Medical Maggots To Stench Soup, 'Grunt' Explores The Science Of Warfare" (this title is a link that will take you to that article).

    It is an interview on the "Fresh Air" NPR show (ironically for the content) featuring science writer and researcher Mary Roach about her latest book, Grunt, 'Roach learned all about the medicinal use of maggots in World War I. She also purposely sniffed a putrid scent known as "Who me?" that was developed as an experimental weapon during World War II.'

    "Who me?" is a military grade stink bomb. I just had to wikipedia more info on it. The idea sounded quite interesting as my thoughts turned to warfare of another sort, "theocratic warfare".

    Wikipedia offered this description: ""Who me?", is a mixture of five sulfur-containing chemicals and smells like rotting food and carcasses."

    And so, the cog-wheels in my brain started turning, wondering about "rotten food"??? Carcasses??? Reminds me of my last pseudo-spiritual feast at the KH. And this led me to where I found some commercial and military-grade stink supplies.

    Now there's a descriptive label, "military-grade putricant"!


    What do you say about doing a trial run at your local provider of putricant religious instruction, i.e. the Kingdom Hall.

    And... if pleased with the resulting olfactory attack, hit the Regional Convention hard this Summer with an apostate covert action!

  • Dagney

    Haha. Just listened to this on Fresh Air today.

    Edited: ^^^that sounds odd.

  • oppostate


    An ironic topic to cover, given the name of the show, indeed! :- )))

  • Dagney

    I know lolololol

    It made me laugh when I saw my post.

    It was interesting though. I heard her interview on the book about digestion etc.

  • oppostate

    If it can be done intermittently at meetings they'd think someone had really bad bowel troubles.

    There could be a local needs talk about befouling the bathroom or passing gas at the meetings.

    I don't know if I could hold it together at a local needs talk about this!

    Also, wouldn't spraying some noxious smells be more effective than demonstrating in front of the Convention place? It would imprint the connection of foulness with the Convention or KH.

    SixScreens & AAWA, and whatever others who like to demonstrate: How about it? Much better tactic, right?

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