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  • WTWizard

    I would rather watch a R, or even a X, movie that is depicted as fiction or for entertainment purposes than watch some of those washtowel videos that are just as scary and depict death threats for anyone that slacks a bit. They don't want adults to watch horror or porn movies that are entertainment, yet they show small children as young as babies death threats to keep them bound to the religion and going full blast.

    And, what if I watch it in a foreign language? If I wish to learn, say German (or Sanskrit, but that is a bit less common in movies), I can watch movies that I enjoy (regardless of the rating) and pay attention to the words. As much as I can read something like Alice in Wonderland in German, I can also watch something that is X rated and they would not be able to understand. And then, I would be able to describe it, in the foreign language (after I get more proficient), so they would not be able to judge what they cannot understand. Many people in North America do this to learn Spanish or French (though those languages are common enough so finding a hounder that can understand them is not a problem).

  • TD

    There are definitely movies that a child should not see, but the rating system (Here in the U.S.) is highly subjective.

    For example:

    The Andromeda Strain (1971) opens with all but two in the fictional town of Piedmont Arizona laying dead in their tracks. Scenes include: People laying dead in the streets being picked at by birds. A woman laying dead in her living room, naked to her waist. A pre-teen girl laying dead on the floor still clutching a stuffed animal. An elderly woman has hung herself in a stairwell and is gently swinging in the breeze. This movie is rated G

    Secretariat (2010) a portrayal of Penny Tweedy and the racehorse that won the triple crown in 1973. There's a little bit of language, but no sex, no nudity and no violence. The movie is mostly about the horse and the people who worked with it. This movie is rated PG

    Parika (2006) is an animated (anime) story about three scientists who develop a machine that allows therapsts to enter their patients' dreams. Some of the scenes are nightmarish and there is androgenous nudity at one point, but again this movie is animated. And it's rated R

    Attaching a moral significance to a system this capricious is bloody, bone lazy. --Which is what I've come to expect of the JW's

  • BluesBrother

    I never heard of any discipline for seeing an 18 rating film. Lots of elders I knew did..... not recommended but a personal matter.

  • Vidiot

    Kinda hard to expect JWs to not watch R-rated movies when the Bible has more graphic sex and violence than anything you currently see on HBO. :smirk:

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