youngest baptised.

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  • loneranger

    9 year old just recently at an assembly day in Florida

  • moreconfusedthanever

    We had a 9 year old here a few months ago. I have heard of a 7 year old.

    My 10 year old told his grandma that he is never getting baptized because if he ever does anything wrong he won't be able to talk to his family anymore. She was shocked and unhappy.

  • smiddy3

    How long do you think it'll be before we see Caleb and Sophia taking the plunge?

    I`m looking forward to the time when Caleb and Sophia become one of us and ditch the JW religion. LOL

    Seriously though:

    The fact that the JW religion is targeting the young to get baptised and enforcing a strict code of acceptance that goes with baptism on these young people and then the eventual JC that will take place when these young children infringe on these rules and regulations causing stress and emotional upheaval within the families concerned is eventually going to have a drastic affect on the religion in my opinion

    While their are many sad experiences on here where parents have shunned their children and vice versa ,their are still other parents who believe blood is thicker than water and will not shun their own children as well as children who will not shun their parents because of religious differences.

  • Chook

    I'm blown away by how young some are baptised, they probably couldn't spell Armageddon at that age yet could enter a life long contract to wt corp.

  • dozy

    When I was in , the youngest I knew of was maybe 13 - it wasn't really the done thing where I lived for young children to be baptised - it very much was a 16 / 17 year old "right of passage" thing to do. Even precocious children with uber zealous self righteous parents didn't get baptised at that age.

    I remember when myself & my wife were having a meal with friends of ours when they announced glowingly that their 14 year old son was to be baptised at the next convention. Although he hadn't yet been through all the questions , the father was an elder and he said ( with a wink ) that there wouldn't be a problem with getting his child accepted.

    I was a bit stunned really - I think they expected us to be happy , but I expressed that he was a bit young & really just a kid ( he was actually sitting watching Power Rangers cartoons in the next room ). My wife , never one to hold back , asked why they weren't waiting a couple of years and that it was a huge commitment. The atmosphere at the meal suddenly got very frosty and the parents became very defensive and actually quite rude , kind of telling us that it wasn't any of our business and we should be more positive. It got quite heated and unsurprisingly , we never got invited back and the friendship kind of fizzled out.

    From what I see as an outsider , I think things have changed greatly in recent years , with the GB and the Watchtower encouraging much younger children to be baptised and publicly berating those who wait till their mid teens.

  • ElderEtta

    Two Separate instances on record of six year olds check out the yearbooks on your Watchtower Library CD

  • SummerAngel

    I've noticed a few posts on this site comparing the WT trend of young baptism to the practice of church infant baptism. There is absolutely no comparison. Most churches these days baptise older teens or adults not infants for a start. There is no compulsion to be baptised and once bapped no contract to attend or consequences of breaking rules - there are no rules to break as such. It is simply a show of faith and expression that you are serious about your belief.

    As an adult, you may meet a few times with the minister to ensure you understand the step you are taking. On the day you would have the chance to give your testimony and have prayer. There is celebration afterwards whatever the age it isn't a dreadful sombre occasion like in JWs.

  • konceptual99

    I told a CO recently that I was not a big fan of young people getting baptised which I don't think he expected...

  • HereIgo

    5 years old! 2001 District convention in San Diego. At the time it was encouraging, now the thought of it makes me cringe.

  • Miss_Nk

    6 years old in 2004. He was publicly reproved a year after, for torturing an animal to death ( a lizard) while he was out in ministry.

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