Did your congregation rehearse service meeting parts?

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  • alanv

    I found most people enjoyed giving the demos, and it was often what they had done before on the doors, so no real rehersel was necessary

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    When I was a pioneer and "living the dream" (and I knew alanv ^ Hi Alan!) I was in a cong which actually tried to make the meetings interesting! By doing rehearsals and by having a continuity sentence or two to connect each speaker and his subject to the next one; it really improved the quality of the meeting. It created the appearance that the JW delusion was thriving.

    But hey to what end? To bamboozle pathetic individuals to waste their lives in a death/money cult and deprive yet more people of their liberty!

  • blondie

    Although elders were told to rehearse, it only happened if all the people they used were family members who lived in the same house.

    I can remember a CO saying that elders who used family members, were unprepared.

    Many elders walked in to the meeting having never read their part and quickly assembled pioneers, etc, or family members and disappeared in the back room.

    Or the elder who didn't realize he had a part, despite all the reminders the others elders had made.

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