Big Interview coming tips?

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  • ScoobySnax

    Talesin....... what fantastic advice, you're almost making me fell carm.......almost. Thanks girl! xxxxxx

  • Double Edge
  • breal

    Something that works for me is to answer in the STAR format.

    Situation, Task, Action, Result.... (although doing this with every answer sounds silly but pick and choose)

    Employers tend to dig this.

    Good LUCK!

  • cruzanheart

    Big Tex always does a killer interview (no pun intended), usually because he has the mindset that he doesn't really care if he gets the job or not. I think that attitude gives a person an air of authority and confidence that looks good to the interviewers. I like Talesin's advice too -- practice ahead of time, even if it's only in front of the mirror.

    And good luck! Let us know how it goes! I'll bet you'll do fine.


  • TresHappy

    When I was unemployed, I had more interviews than I care to remember, so I became an unwanted authority on this. My tips:

    1. Eye contact - always establish eye contact with the interviewer. Looking around the room and fidgeting only make you look nervous and unsure of yourself.

    2. Arrive early - if you don't know the way to the place - go the night before so you won't get lost. Always a help when you're in these large industrial parks or multi-story buildings. Sometimes there are literally dozens of companies with the same street address.

    3. Interview the company - it's a mutual decision to see if BOTH of you are a good fit. I know in this economy this doesn't make too much sense, but landing a job you literally hate from the beginning just breeds animosity and eventually, you're back where you started, out on the pavement looking for work. That's why I did temporary work. I landed some good jobs doing that. Also got some real duds. I have been at my job nearly 9 years, so I guess I'll stay!

    I wish you good luck on your interview and hope you get the job if you want it!

  • talesin

    glad I could be of some help, scooby

    you get em!!



    Scoobz: whatever you do, when they ask you the question:

    "Where do you put suppositories?"

    Whatever you do, make sure, if nothing else, you get that answer right, OK?


    Best of Luck!

  • jelly


    In a tight job market employers can pick and choose their work force. You need something that will set you apart from the rest. I think you should showcase your musical talent and sing them a little song. Maybe something by eazy e, like 'I'm a ni&&er from compton' for example; make sure your song selections contains lots of references to 'bit*hes and ho#s'. The panel would just love that to bits. Of course if you are black dont try this as it would simply scare the living crap out of them.


    Honestly, if you are currently doing the job just explain to them how you are currently successfully doing it. Hiring people is a risk, you are never quite sure what you will get. If you can show that you have been succesfully completing the job just make sure they are aware of this fact and you should do fine. The will not want to risk hiring someone else that might not work out.


  • Uzzah

    You obviously know your stuff so that isn't the issue. Be confident in your accomplishments to date.

    For the Power Point presntation a few tips, keep it to 3-4 points per slide. Keep them as points or else you will be glued to the screen instead of to your audience.

    You know the requirements better than we would but consider making your presentaion more about logistics or managing acute care facility as opposed to acute care nursing itself.

    Looking at each member of the panel as you are talking will demonstrate confidence on your part. These people are not looking for a follower but someone to lead and they will need to see confidence on your part. Note I ddin't say eye contact. That intimidates both you and the panel member. Look at the face but prolonged direct eye contact is not necessary as a presenter.

    Last but not least breathe. Actually put down in your notes to breathe. Before you even start to speak, take a deep breathe, exhale then another, then start talking. This relaxes the vocal chords allowing for better resonance which exudes confidence.

    I am a professional trainer, motivational speaker and am actively involved in the hiring process for my company. If I can be of any help please feel free to contact me.

    I'd wish you best of luck but it sounds like you already have the experience and skills necessary so that luck is not really needed!

    All the best


  • badolputtytat

    You have had all this good advice, and I'd say you will be ok. I wish you luck on this....

    .... but lookie, I wouldn't mention the whole "ex-jw-chronic-depression-cult-asociated-traumatic-stress-suicidal-tendencies-brainwashed-mental-anxiety-disorder-thingie".... and if they find out about it, just look the guy right in the face and start twitching your right eye, and say "oh, not to worry I feel MUCH better now"

    Good luck though.


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