General health after learning TTATT

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  • fulano
    Just write a letter saying you do not want to be an elder anymore, how hard can that be?
  • Heartsafire

    Well, since I've been missing meetings I haven't been as nauseated!

    But seriously, yes, every elder/super-active jdub I know has either very bad health problems (mental and/or physical) or is on medication.

    I can honestly say I cannot recall ever meeting a super healthy, happy Jdub elder.

  • Makemeanunbeliever
  • NeverAllowestobeMyself

    Former elder, it was literally the worst experience I have ever had and I have been through a lot. Only two things have ever made me sob.The loss of my child and being an elder. My health suffered from all the stress, finally I just quit. They tried to get me to stay on but I just kept saying NO. Stress is way down and therefore health is better.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Decades long severe, recurrent clinical depression, PTSD and panic attacks led to a 6-week intensive out-patient hospitalization during which I was put on a regimen of psych meds that led to an emergency hospitalization for toxicty-- over medicated. My last meeting was three months later. Just walked away.

    Now nearly 5 years later, depression gone, panic attacks gone. PTSD will never be fully resolved, but it is well managed now with no medication-- not one pill.

    I was just accepted into this mindfulness teacher training program:

    Meditation works, as does tai chi and qigong-- moving meditation. Maybe that is why JW.Borg forbids all of that!


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