General health after learning TTATT

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  • the girl next door
  • Darkknight757
    That's some story burnedout. Glad to hear you were able to step down and get out before it was too late!
  • stuckinarut2
    Yes absolutely!Cognitive disonance really takes its toll physically and mentally !
    I have never felt better since fading
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Prior to my baptism in '02 I was a high level weekend warrior athlete. By the time '08 came around was an out of shape nervous wreck that had given up on life and had lost 20 lbs. My BP was sky high and my face and thighs were often flushed red. Wake up call was a little overnight trip to the hospital on suicide watch and from that point on decided to take back control of my life and not let others do it for me.

    The next couple years were hard getting my business functioning well again but made it through, gained a bit too much weight in the process but am now running and training, take a BP as well as anti anxiety med and do ok when I get regular sleep. The anxiety simply is genetic as I was a hyperactive kid. I just need to keep moving and all is good. The act of trying to be a good little JW people pleaser took it's toll on me but my aim is to bounce back stronger than ever. I started my fade in the spring of 2010 but stayed in mentally thanks to obsessive guilt till last year. This summer was my true turning point with the ARC and spent more time researching TTATT then I have ever done.

    Professional counseling was what I needed back in 2000 and not the self serving solution touted by the WTBTS

  • ToesUp

    Kudos to you ex Elders that walked away from all the stress. It's just not worth it. Take time to enjoy your life and family without the high blood pressure.

    I am a female so, of course, no experience in the Elder stress department. I watched my Elder Dad stress and sometimes I could see it all over his face. Most of the stress came from what you all mentioned, what goes on behind closed doors at the Elders meetings and JC's.

    Just curious, burnedout, I read your story from 5 years ago. Are you and your family active at all? I hope you escaped, along with your family.

  • Tenacious
  • freddo

    Hi Darkknight,

    I'm in the UK and just starting my secular work as it is about 8.30 am over here. This evening (GMT) I will send you a pm. It may be helpful.


  • Ucantnome

    So has anyone else experienced better health after mentally/physically leaving the Org?

    Yes. For many years I had a lot of indigestion that would wake me up at night and had a large bottle of tablets at the side of my bed. This disappeared and I never have indigestion. I don't have any tablets in the house.

    No. A few years after leaving I had what the doctor said were panic attacks. Most were at night. Very cold, unpleasant thoughts and shortness of breath last an hour or so. I think it was possibly related to leaving. Occasionally I will wake and feel one coming but have learnt to stop it.

  • burnedout
    ToesUp, my wife is active and takes the two kids. Otherwise our family life is great!!!!
  • LongHairGal


    Couldn't agree with you more. Most people's mental health improves when they leave the JW religion! That usually leads to better physical health.

    It was a very emotionally unhealthy place to be as far as I am concerned.

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