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  • fulano

    Six beers might affect your weight, wine is different, hardly any carbs, and Whiskey, whisky, cognac no carbs at all.

    Anyway, moderation is the key...

  • steve2

    Whiskey, whisky, cognac no carbs at all.

    However, it's what you mix it with that often contains the carbs.

    Moreover, alcohol usually increases appetite so consumers are more likely to consume more food on those occasions when they drink.

  • Humphry

    One can easily see why Jehovah would be disgusted if AM#3 wore tight pants. Maybe that was the message Jehovah tried to send Tony but he thought Jehovah found nice looking Latino men in tight pants makes Jehovah all disgusted. Anyway Holly Spirit seems to be giving the Governing Body confusing messages these days judging from the financial look of things with WT Corporation's printing business.

    Can't wait for AM#3 to give us more input about how Jehovah is feeling with regards to certain subjects that piss him off or disgusts the almighty Him.

  • WTWizard

    For this slimebag, it is booze and fine food (paid for out of your kids' ice cream money). For most of the other jokehovians, it is too much fast, good-tasting poison. How often you see people stopping at McDonalds for lunch to keep their time going? I have seen that too often, and doing that too often can ruin your health. It can make you fat, it can make you metabolize cholesterol poorly (leading to higher serum cholesterol) and make it go rancid in the blood (causing many problems), create inflammation, and even ruin your liver. All to keep your time going.

    Yet, this parasite eats too much regular food (paid for with your fun money), gets no exercise, and then bans the jokehovians from exercising under the guise that your time is for field circus. Driving around for calls (and sitting for studies) and standing (or sitting) at carts is not my idea of exercise. To exercise, one should walk or do other steady physical exercise or yoga for at least an hour a day (and yes, it can be broken down is sessions, and walking that extra 100 meters to the store by parking at the outer edge of the parking lot, or going to several different stores instead of Walmart, does count toward this). As does walking the short distances to close-by stores instead of driving, or riding a bicycle on shorter trips.

    I can only hope this thing ends up with liver problems and diabetes. Maybe, if it has to suffer from medical conditions, it will not be able to come up with stupid ideas. And, we can always glorify its suffering as "joke-hova doesn't take care of you" and "you are suffering because you are tying into bad energy--the bible". And, if they are stupid enough to put me in his position, out comes the exercise (including yoga pants where appropriate), and away goes the excess booze and drugs. And no more pious-sneers going to McDonalds for lunch every day--I would put warnings in some of the rags that this stuff, consumed every day, leads to health problems that are preventable. (And, eventually, no more bibles or qurans--or other books designed to enslave the whole population).

  • ShirleyW

    Looks like he needs to be counseled on his hair, he's beginning to grow that George Washington dippity-do curl. Any other brother would be counseled to get a haircut

  • LV101

    lol - yeah, it looks like he forgot to remove the sponge roller behind his ear area in back. Weird.

  • Hairtrigger

    That ain’t no paunch. That is a pregnancy! He be giving birth to a distillery in a couple o months -before his anointed ass gets hauled in for fornicating with Lady Mccallen!!

  • LV101

    Isn't alcohol less in wine? I don't know but if the 1992 blurb on booze is current day science sounds like the alcohol property itself is worse (for weight) than carbs which are plain and simple sugar whether simple or complex. I've not read fulano's nytimes link, yet.

  • punkofnice

    That's not a paunch. He is carrying a cabinet for all his booze.

    I'm sure he could use that chin as a bottle opener for beers.

    He needs a haircut, the long haired yobbo.

    What a revolting individual that drunken paedophile protector is!

    There is not enough vomit in the world to describe him.

  • fulano

    How old is he by the way? Has at least a 50 pounds overweight.

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