US Republican congressman, others injured by shooter in Washington DC

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  • _Morpheus

    Smiddy, your simple minded absurdo ad reductio proves only how uneducated you are regarding a topic you seem to want to pontificate on.

    Everyone in america does not have a right to carry a firearm nor to use it as they see fit. That part of VA does not allow open carry of firearma in public places (save law enforcemnt of course). Many states, including DC and Maryland (the neighboring states) have incredibly strict laws regarding how a firearm can even be transported to a firing range (unloaded, locked in a case and seperate from any munitions). Simple Violations of transport laws land otherwise law abiding citizens in jail for years. I know a man in just such a situation.

    As a resident of the aforementioned locality i cannot shoot someone for even ATTEMPTING to break into my home. They must COMPLETE the intrusion and even then i have to claim i feared for my life. For further clarification i cannot shoot someone for breaking into a car or shed or any other unoccupied property. These laws are not universal in all 50 states but they are very much so in all large liberal crime filled cities, like balitimore and dc where handguns are banned.

    Your nonsensical hyperbole falls on very deaf ears to those who actually know the law and live in the areas you obviously know nothing about. I will tell you what i tell all euros who cry tears of angst at our firearms: stay where you are. We neither need nor want your visit to our country :)

  • Irishdub

    Trump's Rhetoric is invariably divisive ....working hard to get a police state, and imprison free press !

    I have Stephen Colbert's escape plan through Canada ;)



    The Republican/Democrat charity baseball game is on.

    Good for all the players.

    Especially after yesterday's attempted massacre, on the same baseball field.

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  • _Morpheus

    Different field, outlaw. They are playing the game at the mlb team park (nats stadium). The shooting was on a smaller field in nearby virginia. Local news is saying they sold 20k tickets. The nats only average 30k. Its a great night for the charity and a solidifying effect in the area


    Ahhhh.......Thanks _Morpheus!

    For some reason, I thought it was the same field.

    Just the same.

    It`s impressive considering what some of the players went through.

    Hopefully, it helps both sides get through all the petty shit.

  • Simon
    Trump's Rhetoric is invariably divisive ....working hard to get a police state, and imprison free press !

    The you should get a gun and fight it ... especially as everyone is a nazi.

    Or maybe stop just peddling the democratic nonsense which is just as divisive if not more so.

    Remember how they tried to make us believe that the republicans wouldn't accept the election result and could become violent?

  • Rainbow_Troll

    Tragic... No government should have to fear its own citizens. More sensless acts like this could eventually have a chilling effect on those seeking political office.

    It's time we recognized the 2nd ammendment for the anachronism it is. I mean, think about it: the government doesn't just have firearms, it has tanks, tear gas and stealth bombers. Unless these gun touting rednecks are seriously suggesting that their 'right' to bear arms be extended to include remote assassination drones and apache missiles, their logic breaks down. How are a few men armed with handguns and assault rifles supposed to resist a tyrannical government that could wipe them out without ever having to fire a single bullet? The 2nd ammendment only made sense in an age when muskets and cannons were state-of-the-art.

  • shepherdless

    Personally, I don't think the problem is so much with the second amendment itself, but in the way it has been recently interpreted. I just can not accept that the founding fathers intended a "well regulated militia" to include every lone nutter who wanted to own an assault rifle. What does the word "regulated" mean?

    i might as well chuck in a few stats at this point. I am sure everyone knows them and most of you ignore them:

    USA: 89 guns per 100 people,

    Canada: 31 guns per 100 people

    NZ: 23 guns per 100 people

    Aust: 15 guns per 100 people

    Homicide rate per 100,000 population (guns only):

    USA: 2.97

    Canada: 0.51

    NZ: 0.16

    Aust: 0.14

    So broadly, more guns in circulation mean more gun homicides, but that does not explain the ridiculously high number of gun homicides in USA. I suspect it mainly relates to the type of guns available in USA, gaps in regulation, and a madcap notion by some gun owners that they are self appointed guardians against government tyranny.

    You don't have to eliminate guns to eliminate most gun homicide. Eg Australia has one twentieth of the homicide rate from guns that USA has. In Australia, you can still own as many guns as you like. However, if you want to own a gun, you have to go through a lengthy process to get a licence, including explaining why you want one. You can't just get one because you feel like it, but anyone with a genuine need (farmers, sports shooters, hunters etc) has little trouble. Most, if not all, police carry guns when in uniform.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    A group of haters, war mongers and violence instigators are now in charge of this nation. Why is anyone surprised by this?

    I just exhaled with relief when found out it was a white old dude.


  • dogisgod

    Hummmm. This Republican voted to let the mentally ill have guns. He got his wish.

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