How Do You Feel About Jehovah God?

by minimus 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Xena
    Yeah, JH, but he sees what you're doing.

    Confusing Jehovah with Santa???? I still haven't figured out what I believe yet....but if I ever believe in God again I would have a difficult time referring to him/her as Jehovah because of the bad taste that name leaves in my mouth. It's like when you are naming your kids....there are some names you won't even consider because of the creepy people you knew by that name.

  • minimus

    Xena, I think a lot of people have mixed emotions over Jehovah or God. Especially, the God of the Old Testament. Throughout Israel's history, Jehovah was the jealous war God that killed anyone in His way. People get scared of that type of God.

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