What is the biggest hypocrisy you have seen as a witness?

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  • stealyourface

    In retrospect, biggest hypocracy came from the elder who told me JWs aren't like the religion he and I were born into, which had, as he said, a "do as I say, not as I do' attitude. He told me JW wasn't like that at all.

    Can you imagine the JCs if the R&F didn't do as they say and did what leadership does? What a mind f*ck.

  • truth_b_known

    I guess being the question is the "biggest hypocrisy" I've seen -

    1) For decades the Watchtower put down the catholic church over the issue of child abuse by the clergy only to find out that it is just as prevalent in the organization.

    2) Condemning holidays and practices that originate in "false" or non-christian religion and yet still practicing others - wedding rings and wearing a white wedding dress originates from religious beliefs outside the christian faith. These practices originated from the idea of protecting the bride from evil spirits. I guess Kingdom Halls are a haven for evil spirits. Especially at Witness weddings.

  • ttdtt

    To many to list - and the sex abuse stuff is hard to top.

    But what about this.

    CO's forcing me and my interviews to change their real life stories for Convention parts, to make it fit exactly what he wants to show.

  • slimboyfat

    Agree with OrphanCrow the blood hypocrisy is truly shocking.

    Talking the mountains of blood it requires to produce blood products like factor 8 but not contributing a drop of blood themselves.

    There are other analogous hypocrisies: such as refusing to be involved in politics but insisting on their rights and privileges in liberal democracies.

    They complain about mankind "ruining the earth" but engage in no activism to save the planet, instead waiting on Jehovah, while printing their tons of literature, with inevitable environmental consequences.

    Until very recently they had the cheek to point the finger at the Catholic Church over abuse scandals.

    They encourage outsiders to examine their religions with an open mind, but forbid their own members from doing the same.

    It's not difficult to think of hypocrisy with JWs. It's hard to know when to stop!

  • Lynnie

    A CO years ago wanted me to be his mistress and told me to be patient and wait for him! I told my mother and aunt about this but they said I must have been mistaken. Yeah right, he stalked me to my new apartment! does anyone know Kin Shinn (sp? might be Sueon) and his wife Mary Jo? She was a very flashy Co's wife. I just wondered how many other single women he had on the line!


    I was never a JW, but my uber elder brother still regrets ever uttering the words to me that I still can't believe... even to this day

    "Lying for the Truth" later changed to Theocratic Warfare.

    talk about a hypocrisy

  • hyperpen

    Taking food stamps and welfare but never helping in a food kitchen or assisting the needy in any way. Damn sure they watched all those people crossing the Brooklyn Bridge after the towers fell in 2001 and did NOTHING to help!

  • aboveusonlysky

    The coordinator's daughter was df'd for moving in with her non jw boyfriend, they got married and 3 weeks later she was reinstated.

    In the same congregation at the same time a brother no relation to any of the elders was df'd for having an affair, after he married the girl he had to attend meetings for over 4 years before being reinstated......simply breathtaking.

  • dozy

    One of the things that really annoyed me when I was a JW was the hypocrisy concerning financial matters. We had many of our congregation just working a few hours a week & claiming lots of welfare ( while at the time raging against the wicked system that actually paid their bills for them. ) I remember back in the early 80's we even moved the time of the meeting for field service to 10AM because so many JWs were "signing on" at the employment office , supposedly looking for work.

    We also had several JWs who habitually would get lots of debts , go bankrupt & repeat a few years later. One was an elder in our congregation ( in the UK the bankruptcy roll is online so anyone can see it if they check https://www.insolvencydirect.bis.gov.uk/eiir/ ) and he was obviously just "playing the system". I raised the matter privately with the CO as to whether he qualified & he just shrugged his shoulders & told me it was none of my business and that many of the appointed men in the circuit were in the same situation. ) What especially irked me about this guy was that he was a poster boy for the Org & often him & his wife would be interviewed at the assembly about how they "kept their lives simple". Just gross hypocrisy.

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