No Wonder That the WT Bean-Counters are Scared

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  • berrygerry
  • redpilltwice

    Thanks, very interesting!

    And to think this digital golden calf was invented to replace paper, cut costs, meet modern day standard and boost the preaching work during the end of the end!

    What happened to the good ol' "gold instead of the copper and silver instead of the iron"?

  • bohm

    To be fair, exjw is properly mostly driven by the big subreddit that uses this specific term. is more interesting however...

  • WTWizard

    And how much of that jw-dot-borg "interest" is apostates checking the site for information to throw back in their faces. I have often gone there just to research the stupid religion only to not abide by a pixel of what they have to say. Others go there thinking it is worthwhile, read portions of it, and then decide the religion is not for them.

    Similar to researching what they went through in 2015 on that two-week waste of money mission they did then. I researched how much silver they potentially could have bought instead of going to Israel, comparing motel costs and air fare (along with all the Gotcha's that come with it), the wasted vacation time, and so on. Then, instead of going to Israel with them (as they might have hoped for had they knew I checked out these things), I went and bought more silver quarters, dimes, and halves (and Kookaburras--yes I got a few of those).

    Thus, if they could graph how many visits that were going to accomplish something useful to them, it would have been even worse. Those visiting apostate sites usually do so with the view of learning more against the cancer. Those going to jw-dot-borg are also learning more against them--and yes, my one visit to APMEX did more good to that site than all the research visits to the Israel trip sites.

  • OrphanCrow

    The reddit forum has a post about this too.

    From that forum:

    It appears as though the bulk of hits to jworg originate in Africa

  • ToesUp

    All of the weird changes and ramped up fear mongering has to have some still ins scratching their heads. The end IS NOT hear as promised. You can only cry wolf so many times before you loose credibility.

  • bohm

    Orphan: That can't be right. Surely something must be going on to explain that effect.

  • OrphanCrow
    bohm: Orphan: That can't be right. Surely something must be going on to explain that effect.

    I dunno...I am just reporting what was said on this reddit thread.

  • bohm

    I just did a lookup on Alexa and it seems to show the same trend:


  • konceptual99

    mmm - interesting. I wonder if dubs will be shouting these figures out like they did when they boasted about how much traffic JW.ORG was getting a couple of years ago.

    JW Library has also slipped down the iTunes ranking as well. There are several Bible and Quran apps ahead of it. How to Tie a Tie is also doing better...

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