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  • Simon

    Some people had a penchant for posting their topics directly into the "Best of Topics" area. It seemed more than a little arrogant to me that some imagined their every utterance was immediately a greatest hit but maybe people weren't clear on what that area was intended for ...

    From now on you won't be able to start new topics there. If anyone wants to submit a topic to be added there (perhaps an index to a curated list of other topics by a user or on a certain subject / theme) then just start one in "suggestions" and PM me and, if it is suitable, then I'll move it into there.

    Existing topics posted there recently have been moved to more appropriate areas.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Good move,

    I know I have been in a quandry a few times on where to put my post. Sometimes I wish there were a category like 'Something I thought interesting, just wanted to see if anyone else had a comment'

  • stillin
    But! But! What about my "what is the best dog food?" topic!? Surely a smash hit!
  • Simon

    Any day now I'll run some clever analysis on all the topics and the system will suggest *the* most amazing and perfect categories to post things in and it will automatically know where to put things.

    Until then, meh ... we'll make do. There are a couple of things we should maybe add but I think I'll wait till the next major software version.

  • careful
    I nominate some of the old, meaty posts of Leolia, slimboyfat, and narcissus. I'm sure others can come up with some of the older great posters from the past too. Many of those really are the best on this forum.
  • Hadriel

    @Simon no offense my brother but I always thought it odd that you could post there in the first place. So this is a great move in general.

    I don't know what limits you have on "likes" if any but if you do it could be as simple as most liked within some timeframe or something. Weighted by some sort of dating so you don't always have those from 5 years ago or something always at the top.

    So yeah if you could just jump on that and get it done that would be greaaatttt (Lumbergh Voice) lol.

  • panhandlegirl

    So, where do I start if I want to say something?

  • wifibandit

    I am offended. ALL of my posts and comments belong in Best Of! How dare this forum not recognize my Greatness?!

  • cantleave

    I nominate Cofty's evolution series

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