"Religion of Peace" Busy In Europe Today...

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  • freemindfade
    Put him straight in a container and drop it from a plane over ISIS territory.

    "Amri had received a “toleration” status from the government."

    wtf is that??? Toleration? I think Germany might be tolerating too much. I doubt this is the only jackass walking around Germany with "Toleration" status.

  • prologos

    too bad merkel is no Margaret Thatcher, all these invader would be chased to the end of the world, where they belong.

    Obvious question: why are we releasing these people? Illegal, known links to terrorism, looking to buy a gun and they let him go?

    Simon, The law has no teeth, is outdated to deal with the vast numbers of extra-judicial young men present. The police does not act, because they are scared. They are being followed home from work, their lives, their families are threatened. the truck hijack is only the tip of the iceberg, chilling.

  • prologos

    comment in a major paper: " show me a country with low immigration, and i'll show you a country with low no. of terrorist attacks and [attacks on woman],: Poland, Japan, Czec. Republic. ---

    The murderer killed in Italy, trying to sneak out the same route, he sneaked in, but intercepted, and now frolicking with seventy virgins.

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