"Religion of Peace" Busy In Europe Today...

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  • prologos

    The truck was on it's way to italy when the driver was killed by the migrant living in tempelhof airport and then wrecked when driven into the crowd. wrecked by human beings being crushed.

    at least the truck can now not be used to smuggle more "refugees" aka migrants back into germany, or England on the return leg.

    They caught the driver by the way, he was chased by a bystander that followed him out of the truck's door into the woods.

    If they had warehoused all these potential sponging rapist/murderers safely away from their disaster zones, and away from the vulnerable populations, germany would not be in the mess it is in now.

    procecute Merkel. not cute at all. "Fuehrer (Merkel) befehl', wir folgen dir." --again-- into certain disaster.

  • Sanchy

    CNN was absolutely correct to report it in the manner in which it was reported. To label it a terrorist attack, or even a presumed terrorist attack, before the local experts called it as such would have been irresponsible

    I agree with you DJS in that they shouldn't jump to conclusions before the facts are revealed. However, to label this event as a "truck crash" sets it up as an accidental tragedy, while the early circumstantial evidence clearly pointed otherwise. A more appropriate headlines could have been something along the lines of: "Truck slams into crowd at Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring 48"

    It's not the first time CNN uses questionable headlines to not "jump to conclusions" about Islamist terrorist.

  • Simon

    Yeah, it was an attack by a truck. Yep those trucks ... truck truck truck.

    CNN wouldn't use the words "Islam" or "Muslim" even though anyone with half a brain knows exactly what it was and who was behind it.

    BUT ...

    An attack near an Islamic center in Switzerland and they couldn't use the words enough (along with "prayer" and "peaceful").

    The type of PC propagandist BS that doesn't fool anyone but people simply get sick of. Like a beheading being labelled "a workplace incident", no doubt this will be put down as "a traffic accident". Yep, nothing to see here .... move along people ...

    Brexit, a response to unchecked immigration and uncontrolled borders, doesn't look so crazy anymore does it?

  • Simon
    Having said that, I will be glad to again have a prez who will call it what it is (but please The Donald, at least wait until the experts/investigation point it out and quit acting like a 4 year old), which is Islamic terrorism. Obama has many good qualities; refusing to call Islamic terrorism, Islamic terrorism is not one of them. It nauseates me to think that Obama is actually accomplishing anything, other than enabling the Islamists, by refusing to call it exactly what it is.

    I agree. For many normal people who don't have a permanent security detail or get to live behind high walls and fences, It's an important issue even if it isn't the biggest threat, it's terrorism - designed to "feel" like a threat.

    The idea that if we call it Islamic Terrorism, that it will push "normally peaceful Muslims to attack us" really shows up the BS of "religion of peace" for what it is. If that is the reality then we should be kicking in doors and taking names and at the very least, not taking in asylum seekers in uncontrolled mass migration.

    Although I don't have high-hopes for President Trump, this is one issue where some honestly spoken words are refreshing and one of the reasons he was believed more than Clinton.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The idea that if we call it Islamic Terrorism, that it will push "normally peaceful Muslims to attack us" really shows up the BS of "religion of peace" for what it is - absolutely.

    The idea pitched by people who should know better is that politicians are failing to 'value' Muslim communities and this is then pushing some to terrorism.

    If you follow this logic to its conclusion, what it boils down to is the Muslim community saying "if you don't value us, we'll kill you".

    And it's completely bonkers.

  • Simon

    The other thing that Trump "gets right" is the macro foreign policy issue of who should we be friends with and who shouldn't we.

    Really, why are we friends with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia? Why are we enemies of Russia? Everyone's been brain-washed for the last 70+ years that the Russians have to be our perennial enemies and while I don't think Putin is a great guy, he isn't "the Russians" anymore than Bush was "the Americans".

    We have batted away from Russia reaching out to us multiple times ... why? For ideological BS and nothing more. Yet we then cozy up with barbaric regimes that hate us.

    If you watch nothing else, watch the episode 11 + 12 of "The Untold History of America" and see how the bankers pushed the country into war for profit (and grandaddy Bush made his money by lending to the Nazi's).;

    Then watch 1-10 and think about how the world could be different if we hadn't been suckered in a long and pointless war with Russia (which led to our own involvement in a militarized Afghanistan and now Iraq / ISIS).

  • redvip2000

    Europe is doomed. Their first mistake was to even accept the first few migrants that crow barred their way in, welcoming them with open arms, giving them homes and social assistance. They have to have known that as soon word got back to the folks in the hell holes of northern Africa and Siria that the Europeans were giving free homes and food, an avalanche of people would follow, and they did.

    What now? Continued kindness will only result in even more droves of the world's poor to pour in. Europe needs to show a strong hand on this, send a strong message or else the European Union might pay the price

    How lucky we are, that we have an ocean between us.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Europe is doomed - not sure 'doomed' but certainly in trouble.

    I don't know when this first started on the continent but in the UK, it started in 1989 with the Salman Rushdie affair.

    Rushdie wrote an offensive book and some British Muslims openly called for his murder.

    Rushdie was given police protection (which he's still under) but no arrests were made on those inciting violence. Some 'liberal' commentators who should have known better basically stated that Rushdie brought it on himself. The odious Keith Vaz marched with those inciting violence.

    The British government should have declared that people are free to write whatever works of fiction they please and that all those who can't accept this should leave the country. It didn't and as a consequence, the UK has been under de facto 7th century Islamic blasphemy laws ever since. We've been in trouble from that point on, IMO.

  • grassyknoll07

    Why is calling an obvious act of terrorism; terrorism; irresponsible? Who's going to get hurt by calling it what it is? Why do we need to wait for some idiot to spell out the obvious? (I think); "they" have a globalist agenda and want to wait until they have absolutely no choice but to call it terrorism. "Their" first and only priority is to protect at all costs the globalist agenda; not to protect the citizens. And the media carry "their" water.

  • freemindfade

    The lengths the regressive left seems to go to to basically repackage these events seems to me to just pour fuel on the fire of the opposite extreme. You get normal people who are not extreme or racist or whatever you want to call it who want intellectual honesty getting mad because polliticians are pissing on them and telling them its raining and they see it.

    Trying to separate these acts from the religion is a giant mistake. Islam is all the things liberals abhor yet they defend it so aggressively. A religion as a whole that refuses to clean it's own house shares guilt ala watchtower with child abuse. Constantly giving islam a pass will never help and granting open asylum to people from areas who's religious/tribal/ worldview is so hateful and unnaccepting of any alternative is also going to be loaded with problems.

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