Genital Warts Because our Ancestors were Banging Neanderthals

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  • DJS

    Until we hear the Neanderthals side of the story - and what icky inestations and maladies they may have gotten from us -this appears to be salacious reporting at its worst.

  • tiki

    Wow...who da thunk it....this opens a whole new Vista for someone like me who always thought I was a genuine homo sapien....but since I've never been afflicted with pubic growths maybe I'm .....but given flippers 3.1. Who knows.....I must ponder and read up on ancestral roots.

  • jws

    Tiki wrote:

    but since I've never been afflicted with pubic growths

    Now the Beavis and Butthead side of me is going huh, huh, huh-huh-huh. I get pubic "growths" myself, but I wouldn't consider them an affliction. And can often be gotten rid of by applying friction to the area.

    And also on the non-serious side, I equate dumb jocks with neanderthals. And jocks were usually getting more sex than us nerds. So naturally they'd run into and spread diseases.

  • Stealth

    This is clearly a racist lie started by Homo sapiens!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Stocky build, barrel-chest, bow-legged, big head, projecting mid-face, big eyeballs high in the face below strong eyebrow ridges, big nose, weak chin, fat fingers and possibly ginger hair (sounds like anyone you know?) AND genital warts. Ta dah! Meet the new neighbours in the cave next door; the Neanderthals.

  • flipper

    Well Half Banana- My wife says that I like to smell different things more than most people. I do have somewhat of a stocky build 5' 8 and over 200 lbs. barrel chest, not bow legged ( I have straight Homo Sapien legs ) a somewhat " big head " in more ways than one depending on who you ask , but the facial features are all Homo Sapien, normal face, normal eyeballs, in the proper place, normal eyebrow ridges, normal nose, a strong , squarish Homo Sapien chin, I do have strong, somewhat thicker fingers, dark brunette hair and still- no genital warts - ever. Wild animals and domestic pets like me, I get along well with dogs and cats. I guess you could say I'm pretty earthy- love the mountains, prefer being outside to inside - but lots of folks prefer being outside to inside. ( I mean hey- I enjoy researching Sasquatch - right ? ) just looking for my ancient relatives I guess. Now we'll see what kind of shit this post causes ! LOL.

    My wife even says I sound like a bear when I snore - don't know if that's a prerequisite or not for Neanderthals - but I digress

  • Vidiot

    fulltimestudent - "Which must raise some worrying questions for true believers. How did Adam's DNA get to contain traces of Neanderthal DNA?"

    True Believer's response:


  • Vidiot
    jws - "...on the non-serious side, I equate dumb jocks with neanderthals. And jocks were usually getting more sex than us nerds. So naturally they'd run into and spread diseases."

    Well, like biologists often say, everything in evolution is a trade-off. :smirk:

  • A Ha
    A Ha
    A 100,000 years ago? I'm a little confused. Although we started migrating 60,000 years ago from Africa it wasn't until about 45,000 years ago that our species colonized Europe where Neandertals lived (There is no evidence of them elsewhere). There may have been other "archaic" species in Africa who, when we began to expand in and out of the continent, might have infected us. - Village Idiot

    There have been a number of migrations out of Africa. Sorry, I don't have citations, but there is strong evidence of sapiens meeting neanderthals 100,000 years ago, the "retreating" back to Africa. This doesn't mean there was large-scale conflict, but for whatever reason, sapiens were not able to establish populations in the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia at that time. Then about 45,000 years ago there was another migration that "stuck."

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